New PSP incoming, analyst predicts

Nintendo's 3DS is expected to be the first of three new consoles announced this year, analyst claims.

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ThanatosDMC3501d ago

PSP2! I hope they keep at least 16gb built in and the bluetooth. There had better be another analogue and it better be powerful. I'm hoping that it remains as portable as the PSP Go so it can fit in our pockets snugly.

Joule3501d ago

No way! How did analysts figure this out.
Anyways I also hope it keeps the Go form factor, very nice in the pocket. Heard it was gonna have PS3 like graphics. This would be epic.

FragGen3501d ago

A device with those specs that was backward compatible would be pure win.

NOOBKILLA3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Hopefully Sony has at least a 32GB of internal memory. I would also like them to have a “mini blu-ray disk" type drive that can also read UMDs for backwards compatibility. Two analog sticks and a LED screen. Portable 720p gaming would be crazy!

HolyOrangeCows3501d ago

I want a PSP2 with two control sticks, some built in memory, and MOAR power.

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Gradient3501d ago

I expect the PSP2 to rely on physical media for games.

sinncross3501d ago

I totally agree this. I am sure the PSP Go was more of a test to see how to approach the PSP2, and if it wasn't then rejoice anyways cause that means the PSP2 wont go digital content only.

That said, I would like a 2nd SKU to the traditional gaming SKU they release which has basic cellphone capability: java; SMS; MMS; phone calls.

That could be a sweet alternate option

PirateThom3501d ago

I'd say we're more likely to see a Sony Ericsson/SCE joint PSPhone before a PSP2 just because Sony really have no incentive to bring a new PSP yet.

silvacrest3501d ago

i think we will see a psphone before a psp2 especially considering what that sony ericson employee said a while back

frogdefdaa3501d ago

anything but not another failed project like PSP-GO2!

Neo Nugget3501d ago

As long as it has backwards compatibility with PSN games.

GR8 13501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Big brother ps3 is already copying the wii

so it would make sence for smaller brother New PSP to copy Nintendo's 3DS features.

It's a Sony thing.

Truth Hurts doesn't it blame Sony not me.

blitz06233501d ago

Yeah and MS didn't copy the 5 year old Eye Toy right? Or making the "Game Room" look like Home? Or even using the PS3 version of FFXIII to promote the 360 version?

Nitrowolf23501d ago

If it isn't obviouse yet, but i beleive Sony is also going with 3D for there next Handheld considering there push for it. Here what i want pretty much, a second anolog stick, actually why don't they make it like a PS3 controller with all those buttons, adn then i want to be able to have a mini PS3 in my hands, i want to be able to have really good new stuff implemented via through FW update like PS3 (psp does it already but since the handheld isn't that powerful it kind of holds good feature to be implemented into it)

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The story is too old to be commented.