Extra Punctuation: Interactive Storytelling

Ages ago I started work on, not so much a game, more an "interactive storytelling experience" (here I go wanking away) called Fork, which was based around the "gameplay" of a Japanese-style visual novel. The idea was, you had to make 6 choices, and each choice branched the story. The player was given as little detail as possible at the start, and each choice of action they made added detail that altered the context of the events. For example, you started off in a hospital reception area, and the first choice was whether to sit down and wait or walk down the hall to explore further. Choosing to sit implied that the player character understood the hospital to be functional, and would lead to the stories involving visiting sick friends, seeing a doctor or identifying a corpse. Choosing to explore implied that the player character was more confused about their situation, which led to stories in which the hospital was abandoned or closed, and you were there for various illicit reasons.

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