Company Invents Pill for Hardcore Gamers

Xboxist writes:

"The truly elite now have something even more powerful to keep their game hands going strong: energy supplements. a company calling itself Smith Bryant Labs has developed the product, which it claims to 'increase mental acuity during the gaming experience'."

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clinker3495d ago

Are there people who actually game so hard that they need to take dodgy energy supplements to keep themselves going? That's dedication.

5tgyw3ty343495d ago

I accidently the whole bottle.

ThanatosDMC3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Wait... it's a "blue pill". Wouldnt that make things really hard?

Anyway, why cant people eat like normal or jog or do some situps, pullups, curls, etc? It helps the legs so it doesnt get messed up after several hours of sitting down.