Atari to publish The Witcher 2 in North America informs, that the now officially unveiled The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings will be published by Atari Inc. in North America, 1C-SoftClub/Snowball Studios in Russia and CD Projekt in Poland and Central Europe. No publisher for the Western Europe yet, but talks are underway.

The game uses its own technology created by CD Projekt RED. It has been in production for the past 2,5 years and it has a completely new combat system.

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morganfell3493d ago

The best RPG I have ever played is looking incredible for it's second outing. The combat system in the first one, while incredible, pales in comparison to this new implementation.

Pillage053492d ago

Best ever may be pushing it but I did enjoy the first one a lot (though I find it nearly impossible to make a 2nd playthrough). Glad to see they made a new combat system, hopefully it's for the better. Also would've been cool if the game was open world instead of the Fable-ish method, but I'll likely end up getting the game no matter what.

morganfell3492d ago

The game was just linear enough to tell the story. I have played through 4 times (70 hours plus the first time) and made different choices and wound up hitting the 3 endings out of the 4 plays.

champ213493d ago

awesome. now when is it releasing?

GamerPS3603492d ago

Witcher was one the best RPG. I am really looking forward to 2nd installment.