Is Bioware Counting Down To The Playstation 3

Nathan Schmidt writes...

"It seems that an announcement of more DLC would come a little soon on the back of the Firewalker and Awakening DLC that Bioware just released for both games. So if it's not more DLC what is the common denominator? The countdown is not on The Old Republic's homepage so we can safely assume that whatever this is, it has nothing to do with TOR."

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NOOBKILLA3499d ago

Man I was hoping that Bioware announced The Old Republic on PS3 featuring cross-platform play with the PC version. Square Enix is doing it with FF 14, Bioware could do the same.

ico923499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Most likely DLC i highly doubt their gonna announce a ps3 version 2months after the realese of ME2, and like ThaGeNeCySt said below,if they are planning a ps3 port an announcement like that would be better suited for E3.

blitz06233499d ago

Ok? So what if ME comes to the PS3? A lot of people saw this coming, and most don't even plan on getting it. Just like when FFXIII came to the 360. Big difference though, 360 fanboys went ape-crazy on that news, and now we know more PS3 users still got the game. What does that say?

Blaster_Master3499d ago

If it aint KOTOR then honestly I could care less about this announcement. Man, I really wish they didnt screw up ME2. ME1` was way better. It seems like a trend for every sequel that comes out on the 360.

FACTUAL evidence3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

I doubt that this is going to be a ps3 announcement for ME/ME2. It's only been out on 360 for about a month and a half. If anything, it will be some new DLC, or something with the cerberus network. Don't get your hopes too high ps3 fans.

corneliuscrust3499d ago

says it was a terrible port. that's it

3498d ago
DMason3498d ago

I absolutely love that more and more, these random unknown websites pop up on N4G. And everytime, they throw the most ridiculous, nonsensical ideas around.

Where in the hell would you get a PS3 release from a countdown timer? Thats a random guess if Ive ever seen one. Heck, it could be that Bioware is sending everyone sub sandwiches. These so called "journalists" are really reaching at straws these days.

ShinRyuHadoken3498d ago

No, I don't think so. It's more obvious that they will announce ME3 for the 360 and PC. But it will be nice if they do, PS3 will have more potential to overall gamer.

EvilBlackCat3498d ago


I bet no Xbox 360 fan/gamer will cry about this but of course those Xbox360 loyalists are shaking.

ShadowCK3498d ago

You people are idiots to believe Mass Effect 2 is coming to PS3.

There were provisions in the original publishing contract that prevent BioWare and EA from making and releasing a PS3 version. Casey Hudson said they still have an exclusive deal with Microsoft in an interview. If EA made a PS3 version without buying off the contract then MS would suing EA for breech of contract and inevitably stop it.

You can keep dreaming Mass Effect 2 is coming to PS3 but it has as much chance of Metal Gear Solid 4 coming to the Xbox 360.

vhero3498d ago

@ShadowCK the contract (if even true) was only timed exclusive and with Bioware NOT EA when they were there own company. EA bought Bioware out so all contracts like that are null and void. MS don't own any publishing rights to the game so couldn't in theory stop EA from publishing the game on PS3. EA have said they could release on PS3 if they wanted many a time. They wouldn't have said this if legal reasons forbidded them to do so.

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Al Bundy3500d ago

Any logical person knows that the Mass Effect series will be on the PS3 eventually and it will be the superior version from Bioware just like Dragon Age Origins.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3500d ago

Dragon Age Origins is superior on PC, then the 360, and PS3 last

Dragon Age Origins PC>360>PS3 (like 95% of all Multiplats)

3499d ago
peeps3499d ago

ps3 = better graphics
360 = better performance

they gave the overall winner to ps3...

WetN00dle693499d ago

Lol, its funny how in most cases the multiplat games look better on the 360 but perform better on the PS3 BUT with this one its the other way around! ANYWAYS if it is something to do with a PS3 release announcement as a multiplat gamer i welcome it with open arms!

raztad3499d ago

Dragon Age looks like pooop on consoles, no point arguing about "the better" version.

ktchong3499d ago

It's pointless to argue which one is better -- because they both suck.

The PC version is the superior -- far far superior -- version. The metacritic score for the PC version is a full percentile higher than either the PS3 or Xbox 360 version. The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are just above-average games with the scores of 87 and 86. The PC versions is an AAA-game at 92.

Blaster_Master3499d ago

If it does come (honestly could care less) but if it does, then it will be as the whole trilogy. By then we should have seen an array of AAA titles that will end up over shadowing this title. It really is overrated, though I really enjoyed the first. It had a better story, and even though everyone hated the vehicle, i loved it. It also seems way cooler to explore. ME2 was garbage if you ask me.

Meryl3498d ago

jason 360 demon souls owns dragon age gameplay wise, RPG of the year 2009!!

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ThanatosDMC3500d ago

Damn, if true since i bought it on Steam all ready. My tablet is not powerful enough to even come close to how it looks like on the 360.

Mike134nl3499d ago

Nobody will or maybe should make big announcements so close to 1 April

Mo0eY3499d ago

I already played the pirated version on my pirated version of Windows XP. Yes, bots. My COMPUTER aka not a 360.

3499d ago
sikbeta3499d ago

lol guys, I have the worst Ironic Nightmare for an xbox fanboy, a SONY VAIO that Run PC Games just Great next to my PS3...

Convas3499d ago

Oh noes, the tears are flowing hot and fast now. /s

caffman3498d ago

have my flashed PSP next to my chipped PS2. Whats your point?

Snake Raiser3498d ago

Frankly I'd love to have ME on PS3. I like RPG's and this seems like a really good one.

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