ModNation Racers PS3: Bringing Back the Split-Screen

Mat Thomas on Playstation Blog writes: "There are two multiplayer experiences that we were keen to deliver in ModNation Racers. First, there was the online race experience (up to 12 players), while the second was the couch racing experience. It is hard to beat the multiplayer experience on the couch against friends – I think we can all remember this experience from other games we have enjoyed, and we were keen to make sure we delivered the same frantic experience for ModNation Racers."

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sinncross3493d ago

4 player split screen multiplayer ftw!

That has pretty much sold me on this game but I just hope it has the function to add AI racers (something GT5 better damn well have)

Hopefully Killzone 3 and Resistance 3 follow suit :)

Cajun Chicken3493d ago

Yeah! I want my FPSes to have split screen again.

Sk8boyP3493d ago

Brings back memories of Mario Kart 64

Dnied3493d ago

Yeah, looks like a lot of fun.

LBP brought so much to the community, cant wait to see what this does I passed on LBP (i know i know)

But I'll probably pick this up, looks like good times lol