L.A. Noire Script Is Up To 22,000 Pages Long - Team Bondi

CC: L.A. Noire developer Team Bondi have revealed that the script for the up and coming multiplatform title is up to 22,000 pages.

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mjolliffe3497d ago

But GTA V's script is only supposed to be 1,000 pages long -

Which means this is bloody massive!

Simon_Brezhnev3497d ago

I guess its just me im just not hype for this game. Im more interested in Red Dead Redemption and Agent.

mjolliffe3497d ago

@imdaboss - Just a quick question:

How can you be more hyped about Agent, when there isn't a trailer, or any details about it?

Just wondering :)

SpaceSquirrel3497d ago

Hopefully that results in a long game.

Biggest3497d ago

If all of that makes it into the actual game, and it is an "open-world" type game built identical for multi-platforms, I would imagine the world is no more than 10 square blocks.

Rockox3497d ago

22,000 pages is ridiculous. They should trim the fat a bit, there.

Christopher3497d ago

This site and others are just stealing content from Edge. The quotes from them all are directly from the April edition of Edge.

mjolliffe3497d ago

And that's why it gives credit to the magazine, saying which issue it's from.

TheLastLevel3497d ago

I remember the Heavy rain script somewhere along those lines.

Timesplitter143497d ago

I've been playing less and less action-oriented games and more and more story-oriented games over the years. I just can't wait for this game.

Christopher3497d ago

I get what it's doing, but it's just doing it for hits and is using someone else's content rather than writing up a real article talking about the game or expanding on what they thought of the Edge article in detail. It's lazy. It's unprofessional. It's pointless.

We also already have the news of the Edge article from last week, no need to reprint old news.

Greywulf3497d ago

How many discs is that?

badz1493497d ago

holy sh1t! what is this, like 100 words per page?

NightVyper3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

That has to be a typo, according to a Mel Brooks a script translates into about a page per minute. Originally Spaceballs was around 200 pages before him and Richard Pryor trimmed it down to around 100. (Thats in the Spaceballs commentaries if you get bored)

Also if you do the math on it the numbers are gross. you would need a massive writing staff. 22,000 pages divided over 3 years would be like a 141 pages a week.

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zeeshan8103497d ago

I can't wait. In the Game Informer they said its only 2,000 Pages long. Now they are saying 22,000 pages long :O

mjolliffe3497d ago

I doubt it's a misprint, especially with the amount of effort that goes into editing and publishing the magazine...

HowarthsNJ3497d ago

I wonder how that might translate to game time?

hay3497d ago

@HowarthsNJ: QD used the same "translation" for Heavy Rain.

THC CELL3497d ago

dose that mean it only fits on blu ray ?

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The story is too old to be commented.