Cage: Heavy Rain 'sent a message to the industry'

Unquestionably, Heavy Rain was a huge risk. Everything from the style of gameplay to the subject of the story was set well off the beaten path, and, for better or for worse, separated Heavy Rain from the pack of bloody shooters and action games.

Heavy Rain director David Cage recently spoke about this, saying from the beginning, he planned to send a 'message' to the industry with Quanitc Dream's debut PS3 title.

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RadientFlux3493d ago

I really liked Heavy Rain but I felt that the second-part of the game was a bit of a let down. It seemed that Quantic Dream just added a bunch of QTE action sequences together for the second part. Like the game switched from an noir-thriller to a Hollywood blockbuster.

It's still a great achievement and I hope that Quantic Dreams next game doesn't have to be as action-packed to get an audience.

Simon_Brezhnev3493d ago

yeah i agree my only gripe was

Shelby's past playing as him as a little boy the voice acting was horrible.

gauntletpython3493d ago

I was swept up in Heavy Rain my first play through, but when you look critically at some of the plot elements, there are a lot of holes.

Still really good, though. I feel David Cage is right on the edge of nailing his writing potential.

GR8 13493d ago

What the hell is this man smoking 'sent a message to the industry' that QTE is good.....No f*ckin thanks u keep making QTE's for ps3 because no other developer is as stupid as u are cage.