5 must-have features of the Nintendo 3DS

Explicit Gamer: As many of you might already know, Nintendo has confirmed suspecisions about a 3D handheld system called Nintendo 3DS (temporary name). While this is probably not going to be in the homes of Americans for a few years, it would be nice to see some of these features in the 3DS.

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Ziriux3492d ago

Internet video chat, although it could be dangerous if not policed like the xbox live isn't.

smash-brother-103492d ago

I havnt heard nobody mention anything about analogue sticks yet, personally I would love 3DS to have an analogue stick or preferably 2 sticks

DaysUntold3492d ago

1. I think this would be awesome :) Love the idea of 3D touch interactions.
2. Please don't turn 3DS into a gimmick like the Wii...
3. This is the biggest reason I don't have a DS or Wii anymore.
4. This is optional but the option would be very welcomed.
5. Another top reason why I no longer have any Nintendo products. They all cater to Grandma and my 3 year old...

SolidSystem3492d ago

"3d gui"

sorry... I cant take this site anymore.

the graphics are an illusion to look 3-d, thus it would be really hard to have a 3-d gui with 2-d graphics that just look like they are popping out.

SolidSystem3492d ago

Explain why.

i would love to know how you all think we can have a 3-d interface when the graphics are literally not coming out of the screen. and no matter what movie you watchin in 3-d, even if you feel like you can grab something off the screen the second you reach out to grab it, it looks way to far away. theres not a real sense of depth perception to even poke things in a 3-d space.

get realistic.

Aphe3492d ago

The thing is, and I didn't disagree with you I'm just saying, you haven't seen the final product and until you do you won't know how they do it or what they are doing until that time. So there's no need for a lecture on 3d on a handheld gaming system from someone like yourself.

SolidSystem3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

we dont need final specs. the 3ds wont be using some brand new holographic technology so that we can actually poke a 3-d image. for that sort of thing to be hand held ready, we would have had it else where first. so once again explain to me how you think thats a real option.

DaysUntold3492d ago

Why so moody? I think it is possible and i'm sure much smarter people than you are working on such things as we speak.

You're telling me that a camera next to the screen on the top part of a ds couldn't detect if a person is touching the 3d image and not the screen itself if the DS was set up where the screens form a 90 degree angel?

I'm sure you can calculate that and i'm sure you can make it work. Will that sort of technology be ready for the 3DS? maybe, probably not. Ultimately it's people like you who think nothing is possible that slow down progress.

SolidSystem3492d ago

yes, we can make it look 3-d. the DSi ware game already showed hwo well 3-d can work with face tracking.

however that has nothing to do with a 3-d interface. for a 3-d interface i would have to beable to "poke" a point in the air above the 3ds and it would know what I was "poking".

we can have 3-d graphics easily on the DSi and 3ds. having a basically holographic image we can poke (how else would you be able to know where you are pointing yourself?) isnt reasonable.

Aphe3492d ago

There's more to 3d gaming than visuals Solid, all I'm saying is you don't know what they are doing or how it will work. Anything is possible.

You are saying 3d gaming on a handheld will not be possible.

There's the difference. I guess we will find out when it is unveiled, until then theories on the matter are just opinion.

SolidSystem3492d ago

learn to read, i am only talking about a 3-d interface. which means fir instance a rubix cube. i should beable to turn the back just by reaching behind said cube and turning it. i should beable to twist the middle by moving my hand to the middle row, etc.

3-d gaming has already been shown before by many games.
3-d interfaces currently do not exist when you have a 2-d input device. ie a screen to tap.

so please dont put words in my mouth. it might make you seem more competent.

Aphe3492d ago

I think you've been watching too much Star Trek solid, I don't see any news about Nintendo making handhelds with holographs, I think you're reading into this 3d stuff a bit too much.

SolidSystem3492d ago

thats why i'm saying a 3-d interface isnt possible. i'm calling this site out for asking for such a thing.

once again you are putting words in my mouth. at this point i have to assume you are a fanboy hand have no logic. if you cant understand the diffrence between a 3-d user interface (it doesnt just look 3-d, it has 3-d functionality) and a game's graphics being in 3-d there is no helping you.

Aphe3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Sorry, you're right and the site is talking crap. I'm just a bit argumentive at the moment, didn't actually read the article (I've read it now though). My apologies.

ak3nji3492d ago

There is no way they will be able to do it, because i haven't seen this tech anywhere around and for suddenly a 'hand-held' of all things will incorporate such a thing, before a much more powerful PC does.
Lets say that somehow, Nintendo for some strange reason has access to military info and can produce this high a level tech, releases it with the 3DS...This would cost a bucket load of money. Nintendo does well by staying cheaper than everyone else.

Sony is more closer to a 3D gui than anyone, because of the soon to be 3D functionality of the PS3 and this tech demo...and i 'KNOW' that the tech is on a HDTV and it isn't poking out from the screen or anything, it's 2D...but once 3D comes in the next firmware, those screens he creates will be poking out of the screen and you will be able to interact with those planes.

Watch the video, before you abuse me...i own a DSi, so i'm not a Sony freakin' Fanboy!!!!!!

ak3nji3492d ago

...The people who do the disagreeing don't offer up a rebuttal or reasoning why my ideas(keyword) are wrong!
Did you even watch the video?

anonymouse1113353492d ago

I agree with you solid system


I'm not one that disagreed, but it wouldn't be possible in the way I think you're thinking. Currently with the way 3D is it's just illusions to make it look like 3D and that it's "popping" out of the screen, by pointing at what looks to be 3D it can be "moved" or "streched" with move, do also take note that with the 3DS you have to hold it as well, and you need one hand to hold it, another to touch/interact with the touch screen like the current DS line. I can see the 3DS being good, but I'm skeptical until we see some official stuff.

I'm not sure, but I saw a video of a iPhone app today that showed off a 3D effect, I do know a bit of programming (not enough to do much with) and my guess from it was they used some sort of tilt sensor, and it changed the view of the objects in 3D depending on how you tilted it, I hope Nintendo isn't just implimenting something like that onto a DS. Also note it was as if you were looking straight at it, not to the side.

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Aphe3492d ago

Get onboard Franky, you're gonna love it :)

Handhelds_FTW3492d ago

1)I think this would cost to much to implement as describe. Nintendo will keep the price very reasonable.

2)Why wouldn't all games use the 3D effect? That's the whole gimmick and selling point of the system.

3)I agree, I think Nintendo needs to improve there methods of multi-player.

4)Its already been said that it will be cartridge based so we wont see any digital only content, I would however,really like to see Virtual Console revealed as a feature.

5)This falls in the hands of developers and not so much Nintendo. I don't realistically expect Zelda going mature any time soon, or any other Nintendo created franchise for that matter.

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