VDIGI releases VD-W3 Wii HDMI Upscaler Processor

DCEmu Reviews was informed by VDIGI that they have just released VD-W3 Wii HDMI Upscaler Processor. This is the world first dedicated Wii HDMI upscaler, it can support connection though HDMI or DVI, and enjoy resolution up to 1080p or monitor resolution 1680x1050.

* For DVI monitor users, you may need to order the optional Female DVI to Male HDMI converter, so that you can plug your monitor DVI end to the VD-W3 HDMI end for the video, and for audio, you may connect your PC speaker 3.5mm plug to the VD-W3 audio jack.
* For HDTV users (make sure you have HDMI input), what you need is a HDMI cable, you may purchase it together with VD-W3.

VD-W3 HDMI Upscaler Processor is available now for US$75.00.


* Input: Wii AV Connector x 1, USB Type A Plug x 1.
* Output: HDMI x1 , 3.5mm Stereo Audio Jack.
* Video In Supported: EDTV(480i/576i), SDTV(480p/576p)
* Video Out Supported : 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 1280x1024, 1440x900, 1650x1050 (at refresh rate 59.94Hz)
* Audio Out: HDMI audio, Analog audio.
* Bi-Color LED: Blue and Red.
* Operating Temperature: 5°C to 60°C (41°F to 140°F)
* Dimensions (approximate): 12cm (L) x 7cm (W) x 2.5cm (H)
* Mass (approximate): ~180g

Powerful Video Signal conversion

* Crystal shape image, Outstanding picture quality.
* Full HD (1080p) output.
* True 10-Bits high definition video scaler engine.
* AV grade scaler engine

User Friendly

* No external power required.
* Easy to setup.
* LED status indication.

Wide Range Video Display support

* Support TV (HDMI) and PC Monitor (DVI).
* HDMI-Audio and Analog audio out.
* Various HDTV video out.
* Native resolution for LCD monitor.

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matey3495d ago

nintendo said or should i say myamoto said bringing an upscaler to give the illusion that its full HD would be a possibility and now a 3rd party is taking the lead i might buy this if it keeps the frame rates exact i will buy it or maybe this 3dr party device is getting in there before nintendo maybe they have inside information that ninty are going to show 1 of these at E3 or even a system update to unlock more clock speed

DethRob643495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

A Video Processor that plugs into the console WHY Didn't the Big N Come out with this a year ago!or is this another HOAX.

CraigUK3495d ago

as long as there isnt any lag from this thing, I dont see why I wont be getting one.

washingmachine3495d ago

i dont need full hd but 720p would be great and no jaggies lol,if this thing did work without problems then i would buy a wii

matey3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

yes imagine RE4 with 1080p or even better resolution than that wow i have seen 720p screens of that game and i have to say it looked graphically better than RE5 i mean it google it RE4 in 720p in 1080p it would own aswell as galaxy1 and 2,metroid other m,zelda wii,monster hunter 3 wow 1080p,lots of games on the wii will have longer legs because of this i will buy 1 trust me even PES 2010 and 2011 will look awesome,tatsunoko vs capcom wow wow 1080p on this 1 will rock,cant wait for reviews

KingKiff3495d ago

Isn't this what the xbox already does with near 95% if not more of its games?

Upsaclling is nothing new this just replaces whats already inside the consoles...

Hardly anything bar PC games actualy plays native full HD.

Good idea though, makes the Wii a bit better for all the HD tv owners.

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The story is too old to be commented.