Final Fantasy XIII Review (

Final Fantasy XIII is like a fine wine. The end result is a complex and beautiful experience, one that only a true aficionado will appreciate. Those with a less complicated taste, however, will likely find the experience sour, tasteless, and easily forgettable.

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JimmyJames703494d ago

I'll probably pass on this one. I'm still neck-deep in Dragon Age and haven't started Mass Effect 2 yet. Great review though. It's a good read.

hay3494d ago

You won't miss much. Both Dragon Age and Mass Effect are way better games.

SKGamer3494d ago

I'm planning to try this out at some point, just have too many other games to finish first. I haven't played a Final Fantasy in a while, so it'll be good to jump back into it.

SKGamer3494d ago

BTW, nice read here. Despite what Lame Poontab thinks, a well-written review is worth reading no matter when its published. And its only 2 weeks later anyway, tons of professional Metacritic-level reviews are still coming out for FFXIII. With a game this long, if you wanted to do multiple play-throughs or make sure you check everything out, you'd have to take about 2 weeks to play it.

retrovertigo3494d ago

Apparently, Poontab has been on a article-reporting streak this afternoon. He's a trainee and doesn't know any better. I'm hoping that this article can get approved despite what he thinks about a game's review being posted 2 weeks after the release date. Guess he powers through his 50 hour RPGs in a day or two. I'm not that kind of machine, sorry.

JimmyJames703494d ago

OK. I'll keep an open mind on it and put it on the back burner. I'm sure it will drop in price in a few months.