Microsoft Xbox Project Natal – Will UK homes be big enough?

StuffTV: Microsoft has apparently told a group of journalists that you're going to require a fair bit of space for its Project Natal to work properly.

To be specific, you're looking at needing an area of at least 4 metres (13 feet) between you and the TV for it all to work smoothly, which is will be quite a large space for many homes.

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Natsu X FairyTail3501d ago

If U.K homes are too small imagine Japan houses.

Hellsvacancy3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Not 2 mention pikeys (no offence intended) how r they gonna play Natal livin in a caravan?

GameOn3501d ago

lol, well they are pikeys, so who cares.

JOLLY13501d ago

I thought the press release said it measures up to that far....not you need to stand back that far.

green3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Microsoft told Kotaku. "It is true that the 'Project Natal' sensor reads the configuration of your room and adjusts play space, as appropriate. We know that living rooms come in all shapes and sizes, and have conducted numerous play tests to ensure everyone will be able to jump off the couch and into the fun when 'Project Natal' launches globally this holiday."

I am reporting it as fake because the article is based on false/ misinterpreted information.

GenerationWinner3500d ago

someone tryin to make xbox brand look bad and failed again. Keep tryin sony reps and fanboys.

thereapersson3500d ago

I actually agree with you for once. This article seems a bit flamebait-ish, IMO

ChozenWoan3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

1. MS didn't clarify how much the minimum space requirements are.
2. All of the videos of Natal being demoed shows people standing about 10+ feet away from the cam.

Even in the closed door presentations... and now that I think about it, also in the stage demos from E309. PR talk is one thing, but pictures speak a thousand words...
... and official press release videos speak Billions of Billions of words.

captain-obvious3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

its not about size because it can adjest to the room's size
but i think that how far you stand from it is the real issue in here

because when you think of it
just like any camera
if you stand really really close to it or just close
half of your body wont show up in that Pic

sikbeta3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

@Natsu X FairyTail

A typical apartment in Japan

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Jedward-3501d ago

More like will US homes be big enough for all those fat teens jumping around like monkeys drinking kool aid , eating cheetos and all the inbreeding.

hoolesy3500d ago

I for one will have to throw the 3 seater out of the way and even then I have my doubts. Kind of gutting. Who's going to play it, if it involves gutting the lounge and standing stiff against the opposite wall lol. Combine that with out super powerful 1.3mb broadband and we're rocking. UK = Down the pan.

Foxgod3500d ago

You wont have to trow your 3 seater out of the way.
This article is fake.
Natal scans the size of your room, and adjusts the camera.

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The story is too old to be commented.