The Myth of Narrative Justification

James Bishop of TheGameReviews writes: "It once was that when expansions and updates were being considered for a game, the term narrative justification would be bandied about. It might come up these days when multiplayer modes are added to traditionally single-player games. In an age when locked downloadable content is continuously being placed on the disc prior to shipping and when DLC networks are pitched as a way to hinder the sales of used games, does narrative justification even hold meaning anymore?" (Spoony Bard #14)

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Krud3494d ago

Honestly? I had not run into the phrase "narrative justification" in relation to games until this article. Then again, I've not been keeping tabs on the expansion/DLC world, either.

Having said that, it bugs the $#!+ out of me that there's a guy with an exclamation point over his head in my party's camp that will never go away unless I cough up some dough. It's my first exposure to what feels like "quest extortion."