PlayStation Move bonus round: Move Party hands-on and interview with Anton Mikhailov Alright, so you've seen the PlayStation Move insanity from the Engadget Show, but we've got a little extra treat for you. After the show we were able to play through a game of Move Party with Sony's own Anton Mikhailov, who actually coded a lot of the tech demos we saw during the show (some of them the night before!). After getting thrashed by him in mini game competition we were able to have a quick chat with Anton where we expressed our undying love for what he does for a living, learned the difficulties (but potential gold mine) of hacking the controller for use with a PC, and found out what sort of games he'd like to see built with this technology he's had a hand in creating. It's not to be missed; check out both videos after the break.

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whateva3495d ago

because it really put you in the game and people love to see themselves on TV.

mac4u103495d ago

This is great i guess i wont be getting the Wii after all.

Everything on one box sweet!!!

GR8 13495d ago

Why couldn't he ask that Sony Freak......why copy wii couldn't u come up with your own idea and be INNOVATIVE instead of being a copy Cat.

D4RkNIKON3495d ago

Here.. this is just for you. This video is from 2003 with the PS2 eyetoy. This is the beginning stages of the Move controller before the wii was even released. They have been messing around with these ideas in the research and development dept for years. I love how people act like this thing was whipped together to simply copy the wii. What do you think Natal is?

THC CELL3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Day one man i cant wait

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