Developer frustrated over Nintendo 3DS

The Lost Gamer writes "We've known about it for less than a day and already a developer has vented frustration over the Nintendo 3DS."

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raiden_933494d ago

Not sure what to make of this. I thought Meteos would have been a big hit for them on the DS.

Seedhouse3494d ago

I wonder how high development costs are though for DS titles, and now with the 3DS will they be even higher :(

Raf1k13494d ago

As far as I know development costs are relatively cheap on the DS.
The 3DS may have 3D and other extra cababilities but that would only increase costs for developers if they choose to implement them in their games.

TheoreticalParticle3494d ago

Dev costs may be low, but, you're not taking into account the cost of actually making the cartridges.

This should be obvious, but cartridges cost WAY more than optical discs. (Optical discs are cheaper than a penny per disc. Anything with a microchip, circuit and programmable memory is obviously going to cost way more.) DS games sell at retail for cheaper than PSP games.

What that means from a retail standpoint is that because the DS the highest manufacturing costs, the lowest retail price, it therefore has the smallest profit margins. In other words, you gotta sell significantly more DS games to make decent money.

Timesplitter143494d ago

Oh boy

An article about some random guy's impulsively-written tweet

good old N4G

user8586213494d ago

What kind of 3d is this going to be?? Popping out of screen or pushing into screen??

TheoreticalParticle3494d ago

Tell us how you REALLY feel about Nintendo. Pretty soon Nintendo platforms are going to have only two things on them, Nintendo games and shovelware.

firelogic3494d ago

Pretty soon? That's all it has already.

Cajun Chicken3494d ago

Jeez, the guy, really, really hates it! Check out his Twitter about 10 hours ago!

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The story is too old to be commented.