Heavy Rain creator: 'Publishers should dare to take more risks'

Heavy Rain writer/director David Cage responds to the controversial interactive drama's fans – and its critics – in our exclusive interview

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GR8 13492d ago

David Cage STFU who the hell do u think u are.......all of a sudden a games guru your nothing but a lousy developer who's stuck in the past making QTE games.......get a f*ckin life don't even try to give out some advice.

PirateThom3492d ago

Bitter tears from the owner of a console with nothing we haven't seen before.

Dude Dutch3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Courage that is the key to this game. Courage from the part of Qauntic Dream and courage from Sony. They were willing to invest in and take a risk in Heavy Rain. It could have been quite a financial disaster. Thats why I like Sony, they have the COURAGE to release these games. They enlarge the market, whilst others schrinken it.

The future is black, PLAYSTATION black!!

RagTagBnd4453492d ago

I must admit, i got a lot more respect for Sony when they decided to publish heavy rain, not that i did not have respect for them before.

carreirabr3492d ago

- Heavy Rain Fit
- Heavy Rain Sports
- Heavy Rain Galaxy
- Heavy Rain Bros
- Heavy Rain Halo

randomwiz3492d ago

easy to say when your risk is successful.

but overall, i do agree with him. I feel this gen there aren't as many risks being taken. Developers see something that does well and try to copy it way too often.

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