Bioware reveal mysterious countdown timer

The Lost Gamer writes "Bioware have placed an ominous countdown timer on their official site, although what it is set to unveil is anyone's guess."

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unrealgamer583492d ago

oh god here comes the "mass effect on ps3?" articles , At this point I could care less.

Borrowed it from my friend, It was good. But with so many other games I have to finish ( haven't cracked gow 3 open yet) I really have no time.

Rockox3492d ago

I think these countdown timers are stupid. The Metal Gear one from last year was stupid too.

If Mass Effect comes to PS3, great. More money for Bioware and more people get to play a great game series. If this is about DLC, that's cool too. More content for some already great games.

If it's about a brand new game, then I like that too. Just announce it already. Don't give us these timers. It's anticlimactic.

wazzim3492d ago

"More money for Bioware and more people get to play a great game series."

Say that about a PS3 console exclusive game and you'll die on N4G xD

Chris3993492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

So your statement is mostly irrelevant. The majority of PS3 exclusives will never appear on another platform for this reason. That's not trolling, it's just fact.

ThanatosDMC3492d ago

I'm more interested in a new IP that they'll make. I've become such a Bioware fan. I have all their games right now except DA: Awakening.

TheBrit3492d ago

after your 8 hours or so of GOW3 you can go back to 50+ hours of mass effect!

DarkTower8053492d ago

Why would PS3 only owners want ME3 without playing ME1 or 2? Doesn't make sense to me.

If you want to play ME, just buy a 360.

Greywulf3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

And there is a real reason to be upset that a game goes multiplatform. Its gimped to be ran on the 360, content & quality wise. Which is why its a let down to know that you could have had a really award winning experience like Uncharted2's technology in a game, but instead you're stuck with the unreal engine or something lesser.

If you want to play ME

Just crack open that 5 year old computer with low requirements to run it in HD @ 60fps. Like all 360 exclusives.

bjornbear3492d ago

after "8 hours" (10 to be realistic) of God of Wart 3...100 hours of ME2 will not compensate =P

GOWIII effect, its been documented

everything just looks...meh xD

im joking, i'd love to get some ME on my PS3, but with comments like that, you know you are wrong =P

cmrbe3492d ago

I disagree with games going multi. Its not a good thing. I always support multi console gens therefore if gamers want to get everything they must get every console. Thats the way it has been and thats the way it should always be.

The day there is only one console gen is the day i will quit gaming.

himdeel3492d ago

...probably some more DLC. I'll bookmark this post though if I'm wrong.

ThanatosDMC3492d ago

They probably played it on PC. I played ME1 on 360 but played ME2 on PC.

Rockox3492d ago

I don't think we'll ever see a one console gen, so I trust you will be enjoying games until the end of your days.

As good as exclusive games are for keeping things competitive, there are alot of folks who can only afford (or have time for) one console in their houses, and who will often miss out on a ton of great games because they're not on their console of choice. Mass Effect is probably my favourite new IP in the last few years, and I would hate to deny anyone the opportunity to play it for whatever reason.

But I see what you're saying. If there was no exclusivity and you could get the same games on every console, there would be no point in having different consoles. I agree with you there.

badz1493492d ago

how can a timer be an "anticlimax" when it's counting towards the climax? a lame announcement after the timer ends; that's an anticlimax! I hate these timer things! it's the same as hit whoring!

Rockox3492d ago

Haha, I knew someone was going to call me on that (I even thought about changing the wording but couldn't be bothered). In my defense, I did say a timer was anticlimactic, not that the timer itself was an anticlimax. So you could argue...

Ah the hell with it. Timers are dumb. So are announcements about announcements.

cmrbe3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

but the other important factors in multi console gens is variety,quantity and quality.

Having multi consoles would ensure that there would be more variety of games developed for specific console strength therefore increasing the chance of improving the gaming experrience as well as creating more games for everyone. Having a single console might discourage devs from developing games that will be in direct competition with games such as Mario,COD or GT on a single console.

To me its really all about variety and quality.

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NYC_Gamer3492d ago

its prob just more dlc...

Simon_Brezhnev3492d ago

your probably right im really sick of DLC. I rather them work on a full sequel then some spin off/side stories DLC.

BeaArthur3492d ago

Agreed, I think it will be the announcement of a pretty good sized expansion pack like Dragon Age got.

Rockox3492d ago

I'd love to see a full expansion for ME2.

BeaArthur3492d ago

Rockox...same here, even though it would be more expensive than traditional DLC, I love the ME universe and would love to see more of it.

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raiden_933492d ago

Yep, it sounds like that's all it is!

Kal11383492d ago

It's on 4 BioWare sites. BioWare's main site, BioWare's Social Network Site, the Mass Effect site and the Dragon Age site. Basically every BioWare site except The Old Republic.

RadientFlux3492d ago

it's simple it's a Mass Effect / Dragon Age crossover event, kind of like what Hanna Barbara did with the Flintstones and the Jetsons.

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