Sony helps disabled baseball fan's dream come true

Deseret News reports:

Hans Smith is a baseball player, but he's never thrown a ball.

Never swung a bat. Never run the bases.

For that matter, he has never even walked. He's spent his 23 years in a wheelchair.

Hans Smith has cerebral palsy, a disease that affects the motor control centers of the brain, resulting in the loss of varying degrees of muscle control and coordination. Smith can't use his legs and has only limited use of his hands.

Wouldn't you know it - he fell hard for something he can't do: Sports. His passion is baseball and the St. Louis Cardinals. Smith, whose family of 10 moved around frequently while following his father's Air Force career, grew up listening to the games on the radio because they didn't have cable TV.

"I always wanted to play the game, and I would if I could," he says.

Fifteen years ago he discovered another way: video game baseball. Maybe video games are the worst thing to happen to kids since stage parents, but for some people they provide a way to experience a game vicariously.

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scruffy_bear3494d ago

Awesome story, shows that some big companys still care

cry from the sky3493d ago

it only does helping disabled people out. brilliant. play beyond

nix3493d ago

wow.. the story really moved me. including Smith's avatar in the game is something no one ever does.

kudos to Sony and the team.

hoops3493d ago

but...but...but...Move is!!!!!! Opps Wii did it already...Atari did it before them all....But Move is the future right up there with Natal!!!!

Hotel_Moscow3493d ago

actually its atari move wii

with release order being

atari wii move

Muff1nB4k3r3493d ago

Now that's charity. It's nice to hear about stuff like this. Nice find contributor!

Def Warrant3493d ago

What an amazing company Sony is. These guys know no limit to doing good.

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The story is too old to be commented.