TheGo review: God of War III

TheGo writes, " God of War III at its most difficult setting, Titan, because all the frustration you'll experience from receiving numerous beatdowns from the gods of Olympus will be rewarded. Beating some of the bosses will require strategy, patience and every inch of self-temperament because you'll experience death at least once. It's only natural that you'll feel tempted to pick-up your PS3 and just start stomping on it, but after Kratos wins a boss fight there is no more satisfying feeling in the world watching him deliver crushing blows on the helpless Olympian gods"

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N4BmpS3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

I should have put it on the second highest, I just started. That game is so ridiculously pretty I had o stop and say Oh man, awesome.

Dipso3493d ago

NIce review, Titan mode is where the true meat of this game is at.

JeremiahYap3492d ago

Yes, Titan mode is definitely where its at. On Spartan mode it's not as satisfying and rewarding