Wanted Maps for Battlefield Bad Company 2

RespawnAction: "Battlefield: Bad Company 2 itself already has some awesome maps. Africa Harbor, Port Valdez, and Panama Canal are a few of them. They are grand in scale and bring a nice sense of immersion to the player, bringing a feeling of an actual battle. You don't feel constricted at all and there are some very impressive draw distances. Later on this month we will be getting two 'new' maps for the playlists, but there will also be more DLC later on down the line. With future map packs I would like to see some older maps added, as well as some fresh new ones. Let's not forget the ones we have played the past few years shall we?"

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movements3501d ago

NICE list man, that game is serious business though~

jmmurillo863501d ago

And the rest of BF1943 maps.

respawnaction3501d ago

wasn't too big on Guadalcanal. Wake and Iwo FTW def tho

ASSASSYN 36o3501d ago

Harvest day was my favorite map in BF:BC. Give me that one and I am good.

glennc3501d ago

mine too. i know it is early days yet but i think i like BC1's maps a lot better. so far i have no standout favourite in BC2, and none even in the running

ASSASSYN 36o3501d ago

I agree with you glennc. I am not feeling the maps to the level I did with the first game. They are fun but they fail to top the first game.

DJKGBYF3501d ago

All the maps from BF2, starting with Strike at Karkand or Road to Jalalabad.


Bring back Highway from BF2 MC , it was fun snipping and driving there.