Xbox360 250GB HDD Hit Store Shelves Today

Available in stores today, Xbox 360 introduces the 250GB Hard Drive, which offers more space to store your favorite game and entertainment content. Available at the incredible value of $129.99 (U.S ERP), the 250GB Hard Drive offers more freedom to download the latest demos, Xbox LIVE Arcade games, full game titles with Games on Demand, TV shows, movies and more straight to your Xbox 360 console.

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GR8 13493d ago

Excellent more the storage space the's what u call a win win situation.

Convas3493d ago

... I know you're supposed to be helping our cause and stuff, but ... DO YOU HAVE A PHUCKING LIFE?!? I mean seriously, you're like posting first on all of these "hot" topics. Do you spam the pending news area?

Seriously dude, go outside. It's gorgeous out there. Smell the fresh air, pick a few flowers, ride your bike, get run over by a car. TALK TO A GIRL for christ's sake.

dangert123493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

its ironic how you notice 2nd why do you care what he does?
corse he has a life or are you waiting for a imaginary person 2 reply? calm yaself

JeffGUNZ3493d ago

That's actually a fair price for 250GB. It's about time.

Roper3163493d ago

not really they are like 40-50 bucks for the PS3 and I could get double that for like 70 bucks for my PS3.

Tony P3493d ago

Fair? In comparison to what?

An average HDD of the same size is like half that price. Hell, you can get a 750GB for less than $100. For $129 you could start shopping around for TB drives.

Convas3493d ago

He means fair for a MS product. I swore they'd be charging $179.99 for this. It's a start, but it's not where I'd want it to be.

dangert123493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

1,its not a fair price
2,stop comparing it to ps3's cause obz its cheaper for laptops etc 2(flamebaiting)
3,micorsoft lied about no intention on selling it on its self
4,it cost way to much (id like to know how much profit microsoft make from there hdd)
5,i'm not buying itbut would like 1

darthv723493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

I hear what ur saying. However, with the ps3 there are so many variables when it comes to picking a drive. Rotational speed, db, cache size and then you have the different brands to think about. Going cheap may cost less but could lead to performance issues that a more well known mfg or model is better suited for.

I recall many times before that getting the drive that is on sale doesnt have the same performance that the next model of the same size does. Some drives are better than others so it pays off to read up on what is best recommended for the ps3.

At least with the MS drive it is standard from box to box. Same make/model/mfg for the most part. When the 120 was at $129 it was panned as a rip off. I got mine for $70 from a target clearance. This new 250gb for the $129 may still seem a bit steap but it is guaranteed to work right out of the box for any 360.

Price it at $99 and it would sell much more.

Redgehammer3493d ago

to 120g price I think its a great deal,but compared to PC prices, not so much.

evrfighter3493d ago

that's not horrible but it's still not great.

1TB hard drives are already under $100 (PC). Have been for awhile.

IaMs123493d ago

I do have to agree that the price is still little high but i am also surprised on how cheap it is coming from MS

bruddahmanmatt3493d ago

Oh please, you wanna talk about potentially buying a dud because you went cheap? There weren't too many variations of the 360 itself at launch and look at how well that turned out in the reliability department. Oh how MS has brainwashed you into believing that stamping their "official seal of approval" onto something somehow makes it more reliable. Pffft.

Mo0eY3493d ago


You can't be serious, can you? I can pick up a GOOD 1TB or an AWESOME 750GB for the price that MS is offering. And by good and awesome, I mean reliable, long-lasting, and fast.

FrankenLife3493d ago

My big problem is that hdd size directly influence my desire to purchase from them. It is like going to the grocery store and being told that I can use the basket for free, or I could pay to use a cart and buy lots of things.

My hdd is almost full. I don't buy much, because I don't have the room to put it. If MS is really for digital distribution, then they should make it easier for me to store the things I buy from them. At the very least they could price their hdd on par with every other 2.5" SATA out there.

OpenGL3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

I recently purchased a 500GB 7200RPM hard drive for my PS3 and it was only $90 shipped. I must admit though, $130 for a 250GB hard drive is actually cheaper than I expected from Microsoft. I don't think I will be upgrading as the 120GB I already have on my Elite is more than large enough for me.

Tony P3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

"Fair for MS memory" is like saying "gentle for torture". It's still needlessly overpriced.

@darth: So it's the Mac argument now? "It just works" so the huge mark-up is justified.

C'mon man, get real. Plenty of quality HDDs out there "just work" for far less cost. They aren't cheap because they're built cheaply. They're cheap because that's the *normal* cost. That sort of "buyer beware" attitude hardly applies.

@1.15: They will support external memory... sort of.

In true MS style, you can only use two devices and both are limited to a max of 16GB storage.

edgeofblade3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

...Eh... better, but not good. A 120GB on an elite is still all you need. If not, you're a bit of a packrat. You can redownload anything you own, with the exception of rented movies. I could even get away with a 20GB if I kept it well managed.

I also keep sweet NAS file server in my house. Everything connects to it for movies and music.

anonymouse1113353493d ago

Fair when you consider it's M$, but you can probably get a 2TB one for that price (and why haven't they added in USB support for external HDD's yet? Pardon me if it already is, I'm not too keen on every periphial available.)

Looky here, heres a good 1TB hard drive for just under $100, and you could probably get a case for it for around $20

Revvin3493d ago

@ 1.5> Variables?? you have to be kidding the only variable is the wide choice you have, for much less than the price of that MS 250GB drive you have the choice of a number of well known brands with at least twice or even three times the capacity for the price. Amazon even sell HDD's listed as PS3 compatible, it really could not be easier. I don't think I'll be upgrading my Elite's 120GB HDD unless the price drops significantly and I think the only people crazy enough to buy it would be the kids who just have to have the best and be one up over their mates.

gta28003493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

xbox360 arcade=200$
250GB hard drive=130$
wifi adapter=100$
xbox live=50$
Pack of batteries=5$ (lulz)

Grand total to try and get your 360 somewhat equivalent to a 350$ 250GB PS3=485$+

Fail! lmao

nycredude3493d ago

Wow you guys have really been brainwashed by MS. I have to question whether or not MS has some kind of subliminal message going on when you turn the 360 on. Pay for online that is free everywhere else! Pay double the price for a drive that is the same as everywhere else!

And not only do people pay but they think it is ok! WOW! maybe I am immune to this message cause I have a 360 and refuse to pay for online, wireless dongle, crazy price for small hdd!

darthv723493d ago

Not really saying that by going cheap is bad but there are differences with cheap drives and more expensive drives. Like looking at models from the same mfg. WD and Hitachi and Maxtor/seagate and the rest all have different models with similar sizes and specs and yet they have different prices for ones similar to each other.

I am just thinking that choosing the right drive for the ps3 is like choosing the right drive for any PC as well. Yes you can get cheap high capacity drives and yet why are there other drives that may be less capacity and more expensive? Could be that mfg has a higher markup or maybe there is something more to its performance (cache size, speed).

The argument about the 360 drive is really simply. Only one choice so it will be the same as the next. Price is surprising considering they could have charged more. Anyway, some people swear by WD or samsung or any other brand and yet there are variances between them. I am sure if I bought a WD 500gb for my ps3 it would/would not be better/worse than another of the same size by a different mfg.

That is what i meant by reading about which is best. Some just see capacity per $ and go with that. Others look at the brand reliability and what they are familiar with. Nothing wrong with either approach so long as you get what you feel is the best deal.

Exquisik3493d ago

Actually the hard drives on this site ( ) are more fair priced imo.

And for those that are wondering, your 360 won't brick nor will your XBL get banned if you use the hard drive from the site above.

Also, if you have the original MS hard drive that's more than a year old (which the warranty is already void), it's cheaper to just go out and purchase a 250gb 2.5" drive and do the flashing and installation yourself.

Jinxstar3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )


I think your assuming that this MS brand HDD is going to be "Higher" quality then the "Cheapo" ones available for PC/PS3... When in fact the 360 has many hard drive failures and problems historically(Right next to RROD and DVD Drive failures) and is probably made with lowest bidder in mind....

It's about the bottom dollar and MS will cash in with this and thats fine if gamers want to support that. I stopped supporting the 360 a long time ago because of this kind of stuff...

kneon3493d ago

Hmm, no. fair price is the $88 I spent yesterday to put a 500gb 7200rpm drive in my PS3

morganfell3493d ago

A fair price? You are joking, right? A PS3 HDD that is three times larger costs half as much...and it is non-proprietary. That 360 drive price is sticking it to the customer.

ForROME3493d ago

No way is that fair price, I could see 99 just because its consoles, but still keeping the 129 is ridiculous but atleast they put it on the shelf.

I think with the 250 on shelves arcades should carry a 60 or 20GB so MS can stop gimping the console market and make HD standard so all devs can plan around HD going forward for all games

ForROME3493d ago

Jeff Im sure your a good guy, Its sad to see that MS has conditioned you to be happy with a price like that my friend

jsc249jobal3493d ago

That is NOT fair. I just paid $99 dollars, after shipping, for a 640gb laptop hdd for my ps3; $30 dollar savings for 390 more gigs...I LOL at you MS and all you MS idiots for buying it.


I know theirs been speculations of a Xbox 360 Slim but i think its not true, as much as i want it to be true. Right now their current focus is on trying to get natal to work to perfection, but you never know.

Like i once said, Microsoft is going to do super bundles instead of taking out a slim, and those super bundles are going to include this 250gb HD, like we have seen with the Modern Warfare bundle, or Forza.

For example, Xbox 360 with 250gb HD, natal, and Halo Reach would be a super combo and would sell like hot cakes!! But thats if they put a reasonable price for it.

Or maybe

250gb Xbox: $350
120gb Xbox: $250
Arcade Xbox: $150

JeffGUNZ3493d ago

I think I should have worded that better. It's a fair price for Microsoft. Will I buy it, nope. I am hoping the jump drive rumor is true and I will just use the one I have. I did not expect Microsoft to have it at that price. Microsoft hasn't brain washed me, Jesus people, relax. For christ sake, I am writing this reply on my MacBook.

Eddie201013493d ago

Ooh! Everybody go buy there over priced Hard Drive.

$129.00 for a 250gig hard drive(can get for $50.00 or less for PS3 or notebook PC) is not a good price, I just bought 640gig hard drive for my PS3 for less than that ($119.00 retail).

Reshun3493d ago

I paid $120 for my 250GB WD external HDD and that was about 3 years ago come on lol

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TehChef3493d ago

They're calling this an incredible value? You can buy a 250 Gb HDD for the PS3/PC at half the cost! Too bad the Xbox 360 owners are used to paying for overpriced peripherals!

quantae063493d ago

Pssh, I'll get it cheaper somewhere else.

anonymouse1113353493d ago

@ Above

then you get banned from XBL for not having a M$ certified HDD

TehChef3493d ago

Exactly; you can't use a non-proprietary HDD since Big Brother won't like it and will ban you from XBL!

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Mo0eY3493d ago

Another day, another rip-off. First one I googled, but I'm sure there are cheaper: