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Red Steel 2 is an excellent swordfighting game but it is slightly held back by some odd design decisions that take the shine off what is overall a very accomplished title.

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Gr813499d ago

I agree with this. Some things it gets VERY right. While other gaming decisions seem a bit odd. This games engine though rivals Retros and when you see this game on a quality LED people will swear Pachter was right abot a Wii HD lol. It really does look that good. Comparable to other Celshaded games on the HD consoles like Borderlands..I'm serious. I sometimes have to remember that this is a Wii title, graphically its doing things that really impress onlookers. And makes you wonder why other devs have really shat out crap on Wii that looks like PS2 caliber graphical quality. Wii is so much more capable than that.

Combat is Ace and really deep, with a learning curve that is almost perfect. I can't recommend a definite buy of this game though, because the game is very either you'll love it or you'll hate it. But a strong rent to see what category you fall into is certainly recommended. This game really opens the floodgates for what M+ will bring to the Wii table. And shows the potential of such technology in providing great fresh content.

But it also shows Nintendo's mastery in this area. Because throughout playing this game I kept thinking about Retro's new game, Zelda, and any other games Nintendo have in store. E3 should be ridiculous. As Nintendo is at their best when they have comp. And while Natal and Move seem pretty lame, Nintendo will not take lightly the presence of those two devices trying to step to their turf.

EvilTwin3499d ago

Yep. It gets an "A" on sword combat, shooting, the art style and the graphics. It's all top shelf (the visuals really did surprise me; the game is flat-out gorgeous).

But the level design, mission structure and enemy variety are all lower quality. None of those factors are particularly bad or game breaking, but they aren't as ridiculously high quality as the things the game nails.

However...this is really a M+ launch title. It's the first action game that is built around it. In that respect, this game is really an accomplishment. Big ups, Ubi.