IGN: Red Steel 2 Review

Red Steel 2 is absolutely an "A product." It's clear that the development team wanted to right the wrongs of the original game and produced an all new design with controls that actually work. There are still some issues, both in game balance as well as wishy-washy motion sensing control, but the awesome style and energetic gameplay are enough to make this one of the top titles on Wii.

Presentation - 8.5
Graphics - 9.5
Sound - 9.0
Gameplay - 8.0
Lasting Appeal - 7.0

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EvilTwin3499d ago

"Red Steel 2 is absolutely an 'A product.'"

...that received a B-plus rating. The same as Conduit, a game NO ONE would confuse with being an "A product."

IGN really needs to get their crap together. Subjectivity will come into play with every review, but there have to be some editorial standards (you're reviewing on behalf of an entire organization), or else your rating scale means nothing.

Harris' main complaint seems to be that he had to actually use motions instead of waggle. I thought that was the point of Motion Plus?

Smacktard3499d ago

Reviews really are not relevant or consistent at all. The world of gaming reviews is an absolute disaster.

iFLOWLIKEWATER3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Yeah, I wouldn't care if my favorite game got a 10 from IGN, they are downright me anyway.

On topic: This game looks rather does look good. Looks like it plays good also.... But I don't need IGN to tell me that.

joemayo763499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

uh B rating really? An 8.6 is an A- so dont rly kno wut ur gettin at there

anyways a review is a review noting more, they're not the final say in ur decision of buying a game.......are they?

game looks light years better than the first one thank god will have to pick this up after exams

Walrus3499d ago

since when is an 86% an A-?

EvilTwin3499d ago

joemayo76 -- What grading scale are you using, man? I'm just thinking regular old percentage-based scoring.

90 or higher would be an "A," while anything in the 80's would be a "B."

joemayo763499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

as scores like this i'm basing on gpa scores in university

also i'm in canada so thats prob it too if you look at previous poster link it shows canada 80-100 = A

Alvadr3499d ago

9.5 for Graphics.. same as God of War 3

Gotta love the IGN

PS, Red Steel 2 looks god awful. How can I be expected to play a game that looks like that this gen without wanting to punch the Wii

Danteh3499d ago


well as much as I like GOW III your coment is retarded, because graphics are based on the console in which is on.

So for a Wii title it looks good (if not all DS games would get like 0,5 in graphics compared to PS3 of course)

Alvadr3498d ago

I understand that graphics scores are dependant on the console. However, GOW3 pushes the PS3 to the limits, trying new things, raising the bar, and defining scope.

According to IGN 9.5 is "Incredible".

How on earth can you look at those Red Steel 2 graphics and say the are incredible?? Even by Wii standards they look Yuk

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Xander-RKoS3499d ago

With the way IGN rates Wii games, I usually add two points to the game in question to get a more accurate score. So, a 10.6/10 holy cow, that's good!

Mini Mario3498d ago

1.7 -
9.5 for Graphics.. same as God of War 3

Gotta love the IGN

PS, Red Steel 2 looks god awful. How can I be expected to play a game that looks like that this gen without wanting to punch the Wii"

So with your "logic" all ps3 games should get 5's in the graphics department compared to PC games.

Seekerofthewind3499d ago

I like the review better than the score. Maybe it's just my perspective, but it seems like the score isn't equivalent to the review itself. He sounded really happy with this game (Both here and in the podcast), so his enthusiasm is more important to me than the 8.6.

pcz3499d ago

Even if it got 9/10 i'd still be skeptical.

You only have to look at the cover of this game to see its corny

DelbertGrady3499d ago

Don't judge a game by its cover.

Aphe3499d ago

I like that saying Soda.

Biggest3499d ago

People say that while passing their judgement.

Two-Face3499d ago

You know why? They gave the abomination called Command & Conquer 4 a 7.4/10.

But they gave Metro 2033 a 6.9/10.

Lol, epic fail


Yeah, they really have went down hill. I first started going to them back in 2005. Up until around 2008 I noticed some failure approaching...

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