Remember When?: You Brought Your Games to School

DualShockers writes, "As a kid, there was nothing better to bring to school than your portable gaming device. It was the pinnacle of (legal) things to bring. Toys, comic books, and cards all pales in comparison to bringing your video games to school. It was the most expensive item a kid can have, so there was a greater pain if you lost it, got it stolen, broke it, or had it taken away by a teacher. You may not come back home with it and you would have to face your parents when they ask "where's your Game Boy?" and you would have face them and say "my teacher took it away." It was the biggest gamble for coolness, but it was worth it..."

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Ninferno3491d ago

i remember playing video games in school. it was sometimes hidden between my books

Hitman07693491d ago

Haha, me too I used to have a PlayStation Portable or GameBoy Color in between my books. Good times, good times!

movements3491d ago

I sure do remember! I was a GameBoy... Mario Bros. Classic!

taz80803491d ago

I remember brigning in the game and watch games and playing those, good times