God Of War 3 'dwarfs' Shadow Of The Colossus' scale

CVG: Game director Stig Asmussen says "incredible work" went into game's Titan scenes.

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GR8 13494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

GOW3....this.....GOW3.....that how about SALES has the game even sold a million NO for a game so hyped and yet again it fails to push ps3 console. GOW3 is the biggest failure since consoles was conceived.

U call GOW3 outstanding lol my god....8hrs isn't outstanding u lot certainly are brain washed by Sony. I pity u fools who were scammed in to buying a ps3. U ps3 owners don't even have a sense of dignity.

PirateThom3494d ago

Yeah, never mind the fact the game is outstanding, how did it sell?

Oh... quite well?

Well.... I don't like the box.

mrv3213494d ago

I play sales.. I play sales... LALALALAL I play sales.

That's you by the way.

PirateThom3494d ago

8 hours is more than Gears of War (5 hours) and Halo ODST (4 hours)

HypermysticsonicHMSX3494d ago

you might just be the biggest idiot on earth
Ur 360 aint even worth being stolen
its such a turd

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3494d ago

GR8 1.
Please don't try and state "facts" you can't back up. With a small amount of research you would have found that:

1) GoW3 outsold GoW2 by a 2.65 ratio

2) In GoW2's opening week it sold over 700,000 copies

I have supported statements. You have lies.

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IrishAssa3494d ago

I completely disagree with everyone talking about GoW3's scale, Graphics wiseit does have scale and it looks like it has scale but for example in SotC you choose were to go on the collosus, whereas in GoW3 you are put on each part separately, you can't jump off the titan can you? no, it's like comparing call of duty to ARMA.

Still a great game but it has no real scale, they say in this, basically titans dwarf the colosus but so what if ya can't climb and kill them yourself

pixelsword3494d ago

Your beef is that it doesn't have accessibility, or as much accessibility as the giants in SoTC. It still doesn't detract from it's scale, though.

BTW, the water monster in Lair is bigger than both the last boss in SoTC and a titan. Well, at least bigger than the boss in SoTC.

IrishAssa3494d ago

Ah that is so, I was wondering why everyone was saying it is done on such a big scale when the fights are in small area's. But there seems to be two differe
types of scale when websites talk about games.

1-accessable scale such as Arma, supreme Commander, Far Cry 2, example "the scale of battle in this is amazing and you can fight accross all fronts"

2- Models are extremely detailed and envoirment is huge, ya just don't get to go to that envoirnment.

All in all the game is still great though and I don't mind the linearity.

I'll still get dissagrees though lol

raztad3494d ago

The scale is there even if you dont have access to every part of the Titan at the same time. The camera zoom out/in showing everything going in real time. It's a obvious gameplay limitation, the way the game is designed. In SotC your unique mission was to knock down the Colossi, GoW3 is still a hack and slash and the TITAN provide an interactive and changing battleground. Love BOTH games. I really hope ICO+SotC get a HD remake when TLG is coming closer.

nycredude3494d ago

So your beef is that GOW 3 is not an open world game?

Myze3494d ago

Well, the titans are so big, they can't have the accessibility that is in SotC. If you were to run all the way across one of the titans as Kratos, it would probably take hours and would end up being very boring.

The only real negative towards GoW3 for me was that they didn't utilize the titans enough, but the times they did were the most epic level of scale ever in a game.

Your problem seems to be that you can't go anywhere on the titan and kill them, etc. Other than that they are too big for that, the main problem with that is it is not what the game is about.

*spoilers ahead*
The only time you fight the titans is when they get in your way. Your mission/goal isn't to destroy the titans, it's to destroy Zeus. In SotC, the entire point of the gameplay was to kill the Colossi. During the first part of the game fighting on Gaia against Poseidon and later fighting Chronos are the only two times you are on one of the titans. From those two fights, it's very clear there is no way to show how big the actual boss is and have you continue running along and finding weak spots to exploit like in SotC, because Kratos is the size of a spec of dust when zoomed out (which they did for effect several times).

ChozenWoan3494d ago

As linear as GoW3 is, it still features more exploration than the first 30hours of FF13. O.o

This game is so epic, I could only play it in 3-4 hour chunks. Now it's time to use the book and find everything I missed the first time through... I wanna platinum this game, but I must admit I might not be Kratos enough to get er done.

Jinxstar3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

I'll be the first to admit I only killed about 3 collosi in SOTC but they had a few features that were too different to compare.(Even though my current PC desktop is a SOTC background... Ironic)

1. If you stood a collosi and titan side by side I doubt the Collosi would make it higher then the ankles of a titan. In this fact the article is right.

2. You couldn't go "Anywhere" on the collosi. just where the hair was. or feathers or whatever...

3. Action. There was significantly more going on in GOW3 at any given time... The collosi were very slow and deliberate. The titans are much more dynamic and varied.

People all complain about GOW3 being "Linear" or "short" let me clear 2 things up here. There is nothing wrong with linear. Every other form of media is "linear" books, movies, magazines, radio and you also have no control what so ever over how those are run/made.... Video games are all together completely different and to tell the story of kratos and offer you something beyond what has ever been seen before they give you a linear path(Not so much as FF13 but still). It is simply a style of game. If it were super varied it would detract from the replay ability to me. I want to master certain parts and be able to do certain things without the randomness... It is a hack and slash... The design of which is linear. Tell me one successful open world hack and slash... The closest thing I can think of is ninja gaiden but it still is very linear. There is only 1 way through...

If you think the game is too short tell me that once you beat it on the hardest setting. Or at least after you got you platinum. On hard I just killed poseidon and I'm about 1 hour 5 min in... My first playthrough I was 40 minutes at that point...

Edit: Chozenwoan

You can do it. Just stick to the challenges(Not anywhere near as hard as the first games) and find a good way to get your 1000 hits and the rest is cake bro.

wildcat3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

The scale is definitely not 'fake' if that's what you're getting at. There are times when the camera zooms out and you're still in control of Kratos, but are puny compared to the Titan. It's just that the gameplay is not about scaling those Titans. If it were,though, the same scale would be retained.

WildArmed3494d ago

lol, i was wondering the same thing.

As soon as people realize that SoTC and GOW3 are not in the same genre, the better it would be for people sounding stupid.

But definitely the scale was huge, esp. when you fight *spoilers* Cronos *spoilers /end* the big titan..
but yeah, it's very limitied... but com'n in SoTC all u did was climb their hairy backs anyways (or watery!) which was extremely cool, dont get me wrong.

But the size of the titans make it hard for em to make them interactive.. I honestly dont think if kratos whacked away at the foot of a titan that they would care..
*stomp... bye bye kratos*

So Kratos makes sure he hits where it hurts lol

Eamon3494d ago

Obviously the titans are much bigger than the collossi but "scale" isn't just defined by how big their models are. It's the feeling that matters. In Shadow of Collossus, when you meet for example one that can walk on 2 legs, you really do feel that sense of scale because you constantly have to hold lock-on to be able to keep track of its movements. That's how big this boss felt. Also, when trying to climb it, you climb it literally!

So basically, it's not about how big the bosses are, but how their "hugeness" is presented and portrayed to the player.

So I have to disagree with this article. SoTC is definately bigger in scale than GoW3. Although that does not mean GoW3 has no scale. Of course it does.

ico923494d ago

Well it should its a PS3 game, with that being said im curious to see how The Last Guardian is gonna be in terms of scale.

IrishAssa3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Wow, I don't have any 'beef with the game. It's just when people talk about scale it's usually the how open it is, not what you can see.

I don't actually care if it's linear or not, so long as its fun. God of war kicks A** anyway, its just given credit for it's scale when it shouldn't in my eyes

Edit- It's a 10/10 game in my eyes still, but not because of its, 'scale' their version of scale is part of the graphics/presentation, not gameplay

Edit 2- Anyone know any new good films that are just out on Dvd recently??

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Al Bundy3494d ago

BY THE GODS!!!! It's true.

tunaks13494d ago

atmosphere in SoTC and its scale have not been surpassed, in SoTC you can't just hack and slash this adds to its scale

WildArmed3494d ago

only if u could hack n slash ur way through GoW3.
Some boss fights and mini-boss fights force u to learn counter and dodging. It's almost as hard as... scratch that... was going to say Demons Souls but the stamina bar in DS is just pure awesome.

I think DS comes very close to the scale ur talking about.. u can't even waste a single hit if u plan on living.. the boss fights may have not been huge like in SoTC, but they were equally epic.

oh unless ur playing in easy mode.. then excuse my comment.

3494d ago
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