Nyko Ships New Intercooler Slim for Sony's PS3 Slim to Retailers

Nyko Technologies today announced the shipment of its Intercooler Slim for PlayStation 3 Slim (PS3 Slim) to major North American retailers. Designed for use with the PS3 Slim, the latest edition to Nyko's popular Intercooler line of game console cooling devices offers both convenience and functionality.

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Godmars2903496d ago

Why did they bother with this?

-Alpha3496d ago

I agree, it's pretty uneccessary.

I want to see some cool faceplates come out for the PS3. I'd love to pimp out my console with art from different games.

vgn243495d ago

The Xbox 360 one over-heated itself and melted onto 360s. The PS3 doesn't even have a heat issue. So yea, why make this thing?

GR8 13496d ago

This should stop the overheating YLOD.

mrv3213496d ago

I think it's called RRoD... and by overheating you mean nuclear furnace.

Microsoft 'fixed' RRoD with an update which changed it to E74 so they didn't have to pay for the repair.

RRoD is far worse than EVERY PS3 failure.

Bu..bu.. the PS3 went down for a day. WOOP etc. Well actually it didn't you could still play certain games, which is more than what'd happen if it happens to be RRoD.

nycredude3496d ago

What a waste of time. Who is going to buy this when it isn't really needed, unless of course you have your ps3 sitting in a cramped environment where it shouldn't be anyway!

nycredude3496d ago

Don't bother with this tool. No amount of reasoning can sway his opinion. He is beyond hope, a lost cause.

PirateThom3496d ago

No. No child is beyond hope or a lost cause. Never give up on them.

El_Colombiano3496d ago

So it blows air into an exhaust port...(...)

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