Look Out Sony, Nintendo And Microsoft, Apple's Coming At You

Rewind your mind a few years into the past and what you'll find is a gaming market dominated mainly by three companies, Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. Mobile phone games were invisible in terms of market share, they hardly made a dent. But a revolution happened with the iPhone where people started purchasing all sorts of games for their device and because of it, Apple's share has increased fives times over in just one year. Even beating out the PSP.

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immortal843497d ago

is going to enter the market of videogames with a console unless one of the big three get out of the competition. Which is not going to happen anytime soon.

movements3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

The story's about the iPhone and the effect it's having on the market, beating Sony's PSP taking 19 percent of market share while PSP grabbed only 11 percent.

And that's in just one year. Give apple more time, let them make some more cash and gain some more influence.

The possibilities become endless.

Chris3993497d ago

And each one runs like an early DS game - at best. For all the juice in an Iphone, I'd expect it to run/ look/ sound better. Until these games offer experiences similar to a PSP/ DS, they will never compete with Sony or Nintendo.

The games just aren't immersive or well-produced enough for a core audience. Sure Bejeweled and Crazy Taxi might sell in the millions, but that doesn't make them core or desirable games.

nycredude3497d ago

The only reason it is even relevant is because most games are of the crap 1 or 2 dollar variety. They are impulse buys and not really full games, which the psp offers. Besides this article is flame bait. What is with the fake console on the pic?

butterfinger3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

GTA: Chinatown Wars runs better on the iPod Touch/iPhone 3Gs than it does on the DS OR the PSP. Some of it has to do with which iPhone/iPod you have as well. Also, Call of Duty Nazi Zombies runs amazingly well along with a bunch of other games that I play constantly. Whether N4G users want to accept it, the iPhone/iPod is the future in handheld gaming.

Also, the games on the iPod/iPhone are ridiculously cheaper. GTA:Chinatown Wars was $34.99 on the DS, then $39.99 on the PSP (even the Go unfortunately), and you get a better experience (IMO of course) on the iPod/iPhone for $9.99! Being able to play the full version of Duke Nukem 3D on the iPod for $0.99 is also a complete steal. There are so many great values on the app store (FF1&2 $9.99 ea.), and the games are getting better and better.

The Wood3497d ago

...not without a directional controller. I think the king of the future will have to have both like the ds has now

ape0073497d ago

apple fanboys will be born on N4g

apple wars

mint royale3497d ago

Chinatown wars ran best on the DS.

And Chris above I think your missing the point - games such as Crazy Taxi may not be the best but if they sell millions and gain marketshare. Marketshare is what matters even if they look like NES games. Thats the whole point.

butterfinger3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

A lot of developers have done a great job implementing the virtual d-pad on the iPod. Besides that, the other features and sleekness of the device really outweighs the button problem. Do I want a DS where I can just play games, or do I want the same great touch screen experience with better graphics, and thousands of other apps, camera (iPhone only of course), videos, music, and other features? If it wasn't for Nintendo's amazing games on the DS, the iPod would have a real shot at taking over the market. The PSP is already dead in the water until Sony makes their next move. This data really makes it look like E3 may be a good time for the PSP2 to show itself.

@Mint Royal - Seriously, the DS version? I literally own all 3, and I'd say the DS version is more fun than the PSP version but it runs the worst out of all 3.

dredgewalker3497d ago

I have an ipod touch and i can say that it really needs a controller! I tried playing Megaman and Earthworm Jim and i really cannot play it like i used to with a controller. Its really important to feel the buttons cause it helps me know that i am pressing it and with the touchscreen ive had many unintentional presses that ruined my game. Didn't Apple already failed with its first console the Pippin? If Apple ever comes to console gaming (again)then its gonna take the CASUAL approach to gaming because that is where there is less risk. With the Big 3 already having such great success i don't there is anymore space for an additional player. In the end I still prefer my psp when it comes to portable gaming and listening to my music on my ipod.

poontab3497d ago

You're right about what the story is about, so let me tell you what it isn't about.

Unlike when the PSP entered the portable market the iPhone is expanding the market to include people who might buy one game per phone. It's also not about mentioning the fact that the average PSP game doesn't retail between $0.99 and $5.99 like the iPhone.

Lastly it doesn't take into account that, EXCEPT for when Apple releases a new model to keep the price at a ridiculously high premium, the PSP outsells the iPhone worldwide everyday.

So yeah your right the PSP is taking a beating from the iPhone. Where 95% of it's users don't purchase games and of the 5% that do, do it for (mostly) less than $6.

ThanatosDMC3497d ago

They're probably going to eat up the casual crowd especially those who love Apple's iphones or itouch or macs.

kwyjibo3497d ago

You may think that the PSP outsells the iPhone.

It certainly doesn't outsell all iPhone OS devices.

Chris3993497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Whether the game sells 1 billion copies is inconsequential to me or 90% of the people (enthusiasts) who frequent this site. I'm questioning how viable the Iphone is at creating core games. So far, aside from GTA, I haven't seen much. Oh, and the Final Fantasies that someone mentioned are buggy messes. They freeze every 1/2 hour or so and have a host of other glitches (check the customer reviews and forums if you want to corroborate this). You'd think it would be easy enough to port a couple of several year old NES/ PS1/ PSP games. Apparently not.

That said, I will be picking up Media Vision's JRPG when it comes out. If anyone can win my affections, it would be them.

Apple certainly have the pricing on these services down though. Portable software should be markedly cheaper than home console stuff. $15 and under for AAA (when it inevitably exists :P) stuff is the sweet spot for core or casuals.

Arnon3497d ago

Is it's controller going to be comprised of a single button like the wheel on the iPod, and cost $2000?

jadenkorri3497d ago

i bought the ps3 launch, wii launch too, waited till fable 2 release to get a 360.. with 3 consoles, i pray it stays that way, anyone else entering the market will most likely fail, as last time there were only 3, nintendo, sega and sony, most chose sony or nintendo, now ms is in the market and they pretty much have a big chunk. I think it would be console suicide for someone, and i doubt it would be sony or nintendo.

sid4gamerfreak3496d ago

hilarious article. The last thing we need is apple fanboys spawning on n4g...

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NateNater3497d ago

Until Apple actually comes out with a real video game console that isn't handheld, I don't think the big 3 have too much to worry about.

butterfinger3497d ago

I do think Sony should be dismayed about the competition the iPhone/iPod is giving to the PSP, but you're right on the console front. It seems like now would be a bad time for Apple to enter the home console market as well. I have a feeling they would be more Nintendo/casual-ish as well.

ape0073497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

gonna hardly accept apple game console, I mean, the market is stuffed

it will be overwhelming

on the bright side, if apple is serious about it, then maybe they 'll give us the next first party stunner like mario bros or halo 1

Barbapapa3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

if apple does go in the console market its probably named the iplay. lol no buttons just a touchscreen or a wheel.

poontab3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Wouldn't sweat it. I love a Mac for productivity software, but they don't even support flash.

Not because it's buggy, but because then you wouldn't go on iTunes to pay to watch shows that the same companies give away on their websites. It wouldn't surprise me if every connection on the thing was a iPod jack, just so they can keep it proprietary.

Could you imagine the third party cluster-phuc that would occur when a major publisher had it's game pulled because Apples exclusive first party AAA game was it's competitor? Apple treats all 3rd party support like they're 1st party, like they own them.

I'll believe in iPhone gaming when big brands that I have to play are only available on iPhone something big like Final Fantasy Dissidia. When they announced that game I was so f'n p'ssed that they made my dream game on a handheld and I couldn't play it on a console. Same goes to DS. But I can't see third party support on any sort of level like that with Apple products.

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GR8 13497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

This could be worse for Sony they could end up 4TH Place if Apple decides to come out with a console...........that would be hilarious 4th place who could have dreamt that.

1. Sony is trying to compete with xbox live copying features from live from here and there.

2. Sony is copying wii......motion controller

3. Sony what features will u copy from Apple Console?

NateNater3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Ur a fvcking idiot and so is anyone who agrees with u

young juice3497d ago

dont even waste your time responding, he cant read.

he has his big brother to read the title and his younger sister to type for him.

avengers19783497d ago

It would be a good way for apple to lose money. Here is the new Igame and it only cost 1500 dollars, and plays itunes games exclusively. I really don't think that there is room for a fourth console, look if Sega couldn't keep it going Apple sure the hell won't.

Wrathman3497d ago

@gr8 1...

your so have turned into the windows of consoles.everything they have done to this point is a copy and paste job.the only original thing on the ps3 is the the the the..i cant think of anything

butterfinger3497d ago

since you love GR8 1 so much perhaps we can make you two one bubble brothers? :)

mrv3213497d ago

The windows copy and paste feature is amazing.

Microsoft waits a while, discovers a feature and then 'copies' it calls it their own market the feature and calls it innovative. Then 6 months down the line release SP1 which doesn't help :P

I don't see why Sony are worried they design the PS3 to last longer than 7 months.

HypermysticsonicHMSX3497d ago

Can't you see all he wants is your attention
he's a baby who needs his milk -[heheeh like HALO]
so just ignore him and let him cry on his own.

List of the agree'ers

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Nicaragua3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

These articles baffle me - Apple is in no way competition for any of the major console manufacturers.

Nobody is going to spend money on an iphone version of a game INSTEAD of the console version. They might buy it as well as, but no way as a substitute.

I mean i love doodlejump on my iphone but lets be real.

Timesplitter143497d ago


Only one joystiq and 4 direction buttons on the controller.

That's EXACTLY what an Apple gaming machine would look like.