Rumor: More 3DS details

Reliable source Nikkei has more details on the 3DS, including a vibration pack and more.


More information added.

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Valay3493d ago

Man, I'm still surprised over all of this. E3 should be very interesting. And I hope these details are true.

God_Of_Epicness3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

It would be so epic. It'll shatter Xbox 360 and the best part is that it's a handheld! I mean the 360 won't do 3D gaming.

R_19933493d ago

It'll probably take a while to charge though. With all those features on, it'll definitely use quite a bit of energy. I'm also curious to see how much it'll weigh. The original PSP Phat was a pain to hold.

Rowsdower3493d ago

why bring up the 360 at all, are you just looking to start fights with fanboys?

mikeslemonade3493d ago

Hey people don't buy this. Look how Nintendo screwed you with the Wii. I'm not giving my money to Nintendo anymore.

R_19933493d ago

Nintendo handhelds have NEVER screwed me over. They usually offer the best portable RPG experience.

Baka-akaB3493d ago


WTF ? if anyone screwed anyone over handhelds , it would be Sony with a slow support and basically ps2 minus 1 gaming and without as many hits till lately .

mint royale3493d ago

LOL mikeslemondae is such a bitter fanboy. Nintendo have never screwed me. n fact they have produced the best handheld i've ever played and I grew up on.

What a douche!

SuperStrokey11233493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

@ mikeslemonade

The wii isnt that bad when you take it for what it is. Its not meant to be a main console, its designed to have fun easily accessible games that anyone can play and thats it. The wii isnt for hardcore games, just for casuals and thats ok.

Back on topic, this new DS sounds more and more interesting. I noticed it said analog stick, not sticks, so singular. I wonder if they are going to add two? Im really looking forward to some solid FPS portable gaming!

NeutralGamer3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

The only one screwing me is Sony...
I gave 400 $ for an european PSP Go and all I got was a machine who can play 100 games out of the 700 for the PSP, and I cant even play Kingdom Hearts BBS...


Sony told us all "Future titles are all going to be on PSN"... Yeah Right! Now that is screwing your customer service!

mikeslemonade3493d ago

I'm still not sure if I will buy the next PSP. I'm strictly basically home console. It's kind of a childish trait to play portable games. If PSP2 graphics and exclusive features are awfully hard to resist then I will buy it.

And I don't care if Nintendo makes good games. They pissed me off before, and I will as well as other hardcore gamers should refuse to buy the system.

Chris3993493d ago

I haven't been a fan of their home consoles since the NES/ SNES (though I've owned every one). I will definitely get this for the JRPGs. And I'm also impressed that they seem to be adding an analog stick (that d-pad sucked, it was too rigid).

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George Sears3493d ago

Nintendo really is pulling all there stops if this is true. Always striving to be the dominant force over the handheld industry.

NateNater3493d ago

Nintendo is always the most innovative when it comes to the handheld business.

NateNater3493d ago

For all those saying the iPad or iPhone are becoming competition for Nintendo in the handheld department, I don't think they can hold a candle to what Nintendo is going to unveil next.

A 3D handheld without glasses? I'm in.

Neo Nugget3493d ago

Wow, that was sort of unexpected. O_o

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The story is too old to be commented.