5 Reasons Why Peter Molyneux is a Knob

Gavin of writes: 'Before berating the man it should be made clear that no one gets to the point that Peter Molyneux has without outputting something worthwhile. With that said, he has also produced an equal, if not greater, amount of duds able to lull even the most patient gamer to sleep. He certainly draws a crowd but for who many consider to be a poor man's Sid Meier, the crowds are often eager to find out what he has screwed up now.'

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Ziriux3492d ago

Heheh, I must say I got my laptop wet with saliva after reading the last reason. It's mean but kind of true, and yea I agree, the man is the biggest hype machine ever.

meetajhu3492d ago

Whoever wrote it is a person who is like me. PM is bulls***

ThanatosDMC3492d ago

He always under delivers with the games he makes. False advertising or just false hyping... i dunno what you call his BS.

Aaroncls73492d ago

Gah, that was a fun read.

I would like to see is Dennis Dyack vs Peter Molyneux in a lucha libre ring with feces and used tampoons.

ThanatosDMC3492d ago

They might actually love to sleep or live in that crap.

Gen0ne3492d ago

But we've since moved on to the far deadlier and less disgusting harpoons. Used tampoons only seemed to gross the whales out.

ChozenWoan3492d ago

This is not the droid your looking for...
Milo is a real little boy...
... <.<
... >.>
... <.<
... and he wont call the cops.

FragGen3492d ago

If N4G would stop reporting every idiotic thing he says as "news" no one would have an opinion on this guy. I almost submitted a "Peter Molyneaux: Natal development requires a fresh, hot, Spicy Chicken Sandwich in order to continue" news article as a joke the other day just to see if N4G would approve it but I was scared they would.

BattleAxe3492d ago

Molyneux is a knob indeed......indeed

unknownhero11233492d ago

it's fun to shoot at him in the xbla version of perfect dark.

but seriously, the dude is crazy.

Eddie201013492d ago

He hasn't done anything I would call great since Populous, Syndicate, and Dungeon Keeper and its been quite a while since those came out.

beardpapa3490d ago

After reading about Black & White. So true. A girl gamer and I got BW and BW2, and though we both liked the games, we felt they fell really short on what Peter promised. I remember before each of those games came out, he hyped them so much in the conferences demoing them. And it feels he's still at it.

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reddybrek3492d ago

I think the title alone is hilarious..

Ziriux3492d ago

Yea, he had me at "knob", and the he looks like a peni5 reason yea, that had me rollin.

badz1493492d ago

when I was wondering what's "knob"? but it sure sounds hilarious! and PM is a crazy hype machine, even he can't believe himself anymore!

aedwards893492d ago

Peter, is good at selling and that is why MS has him under them. While the first Fable introduced a interesting experience with a english tone, the second Fable wasn't not a mile stone in any way and with the 3rd one he is just selling it to be bigger than anything while in reality it's not.

Cinotix3492d ago

Hahhahah at the last reason "He looks like a peni5".

RadientFlux3492d ago

Sure Peter may have a problem with hype, but other than that he is one of the top game developers in the world.

edhe3492d ago

He's not made a game i haven't enjoyed.