Magazine Scans of Resistance: Fall of Man

New scans of the FPS developed by Insomniac Games which is planned for the launching of PlayStation 3.

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Bill Nye5405d ago

Good to see some new environments and enemy types for once.

gamerriffic5405d ago

thanks for the scans man. i scanned copies of of EGM issue 206's cover story, and N4G never approved it, sorry but the odds are the only people who will see this, is the members who care to click "view pending news" .. but yeah, i appreciate you doing this.

achira5404d ago

they are not interested in approving good news for the ps3, only bad news will be approved. its the same with the articles i posted.

andy capps5404d ago

I think it has more to do with posting scans of magazines is illegal. Some sites are strict, others aren't. Thanks for posting this, none the less. It has shot up to the very top of my list after reading the article and reading of the stuff they have confirmed, seeing some more artwork, etc.

Joe5404d ago

Too bad it's not in-game footage. Just more marketing crap.

Watapata5403d ago

Everything shown since E3 for Resistance has been in-game footage...Gamespot has videos up of them playing it at E3...

General5404d ago

Yeah I agree the graphics are improving alot, The lighting looks better and so does the textures, I am looking forward to picking this badboy up on launch day.

pRo loGic II5404d ago

Much better, dam this game graphics started at low end Xbox level graphics and it just might pass high end Xbox games.

THELANDSOFSAND5403d ago (Edited 5403d ago )


i thought it was a 1990's PC game...

andy capps5403d ago

Oh yeah, of course it looks like a 90's PC game. Here are some comparison shots to Half Life, which received a 9.5 rating from IGN.

Get a grip, Resistance is a great looking game and is looking better as it gets closer and closer to launch. These are good devs that came up with the Ratchet and Clank games and will continue to impress with this game as well as the new Ratchet and Clank game, I believe.

zypher5403d ago

i wouldn't even bother trying to explain it to them andy capps. they're starting to sound just like mindless Sony fanboys that frequent this site; they're just playing for the other team. i for one can't wait for Resistance. i haven't been this excited about a FPS since the Halo 2.

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The story is too old to be commented.