ZTGD: Just Cause 2 Review

ZeroTolerance Writes: Just Cause 2 is the epitome of how to take a great idea and perfect it. When the original game landed back in 2006 it was chock full of great ideas that simply fell flat. The grappling hook and stunt mechanics were unrefined and overall the game simply just wasn't that much fun. With the sequel the development team has spent time taking all of these elements and crafting them to perfection. What we end up with is an open-world game that manages to evolve the genre while at the same time bolstering nearly limitless amounts of fun thanks to these mechanics. Just Cause 2 is a subscriber to the game theory of creating 30 seconds of fun, and multiplying it throughout the entire experience.

RadientFlux4934d ago

good reviews so far, I wasn't a big fan of the first game due to all the bugs. Though it's looking like that won't be the case with this one.

AllroundGamer4934d ago (Edited 4934d ago )

i played already 20 hours with this game and its pretty good and fun, but there is one bad bug, if you're in a helicopter and you push the stunt jump button cause you want to capture another heli with the grappling hook and you accidentaly hit with the hook the guy, that is leaning from the other attacking helicopter, then you suddenly freeze in the air, and you have to restart from the last checkpoint...

DaTruth4933d ago

Weird, I did the same thing in the demo, but the dude fell outta the chopper and died. Demo continued and I hijacked the chopper!

BeaArthur4934d ago

The demo was pretty cool but I have too many other things to play right now. I'll probably pick it up later.

DigitalAnalog4934d ago

Why is this in the PS3 section?

-End statement

ZeroTolerance4934d ago

Because it is for both versions, the review is the same across both platforms.

DigitalAnalog4933d ago

Oh is that so? Because the last I checked the title EXPLICITLY read

"ZTGD: Just Cause 2 --->360<--- review"

Did you stealth edit the title or what?

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JL4933d ago

Just because they reviewed the game using the 360 doesn't mean it doesn't also apply to the PS3. You know most sites do that right? They tend to just play a game on one console and use that review for their thoughts on the game, period. On both platforms. Most don't actually sit down and play the same game on both platforms. The ones that really do that are the ones wanting to scrutinize every little difference and imperfection in the two versions just so they can flame up the fanboy wars.

DigitalAnalog4932d ago

You should learn by now that Bayonetta and FFXIII are picture-perfect examples WHY both should be judged differently.

-End statement

JL4931d ago

There are few exceptions, yes. But those are few and far between that actually need to be examined separately.

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smithdown4934d ago

Never played the first, and even hated the demoof the sequel the first go. But I went back to it a few times over the weekend and I have now played it for quite a few hours. And that's the DEMO!
Seriously, once you have the controls nailed it gets super-awesome. I spent an hour the other night (once I'd done the demo glitch to suspend the timer) just having mid-air battles with armed choppers. I also managed to find a little plane flying around and did my first plane-to-plane hijack. :)

I'm a bit confused why there have been so few reviews of this game so far, but this was a good read with a great score. Even Edge gave it a 7, which is more than I would have expected from them considering the lack of decent story and poor character models. Looks like if you want some knock-around fun, Just Cause 2 is where it's at.

Redlogic4934d ago

pre-ordered on Amazon and got the $15 credit. Now I'm just waiting for the UPS truck to get here....c'mon UPS!!!

ian724934d ago

Been looking forward to this game since I played the demo. I enjoyed the demo loads and if thats anything to go by then I should love the game. Roll on Friday when its released (uk).

bilbobob4934d ago

roll on thursday mate. i got mine from Shopto.net and its on its way. Same for god of War 3 it came a day early too. (I' m gona feel a serious mug if it does not turn up now).