Modern Warfare 2 Vs. Bad Company 2: Are They Really Competition?

A huge debate among gamers is which is better: Modern Warfare 2 or Bad Company 2? Well, Alex from has compared the two in-depth, taking a look at the gamer playing them, the gameplay, and the multiplayer experience they offer. Maybe they aren't to be compared after all?

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champ213493d ago

Seen the PC Versions of both games running. Imo BC2 looks current gen. MW2 looks outdated even on a PC.

Syronicus3491d ago

In the end, the number of people playing the game are the deciding factor. If the majority of gamers play MW2 then it is the winner in terms of popularity and must be doing something right to keep the players in the game. If it is the other way around then of course, the same goes for BC2.

I suspect however that the tide turns in favor of MW2 since it has not only sold a ton more than BC2 but is currently host to a multitude more players than BC2.

ZBlacktt3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Then maybe you should be adding some factors as to why MW2 is so popular. First off, little to no skill needed. Many kids love that to begin with. Next, generic game play with nothing destructible. So every game is the same setting, same ways and paths of running. Very basic easy to do over and over again. Next, many hacks and glitches to use. Next, nice boosting system for again, the sub par real skilled online player. Next, the greatly over power weapon kits so those same unskilled player's can spam the screen with noobtubes. These two games are what make the difference in Pro, adavanced level of gamers and kids still in the " Check it out man, I owns this world!!!1!1!! " . Show me a ranked player in COD and I'm like yawn. Show me one in BFBC2, then much respect as I know you have the skills then. You will earn it in BFBC2. No aim assist either, lol.... When people are ready to step up to a real game. Then it's pretty clear. Otherwise stick with the very simple down grade FPS in COD.

Dnied3491d ago

In the end, the number of people playing the game are the deciding factor.


the amount of people playing it have 0% influence on the "deciding factor"

That's sorta like saying halo 3 is better than killzone 2 lol

IHateYouFanboys3491d ago

to be fair though, Halo 3 IS a much better game than Killzone 2.


@ Dnied

hummmm, i don't know how to break this to you but, Halo is better then killzone.

I suppose the way you could say your looking at it is " In the end, the best graphics in the game are the deciding factor " if thats all that matters then ya.. I suppose killzone could be said to be better.

and before you ask, yes I have played / owned killzone 2

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Baka-akaB3491d ago

stop comparing crap and bc2 . You are not doing BC2 the service you think .

bobrea3491d ago

Jesus Christ, YES THEY ARE COMPETITION. People who need to think about this are so stupid, they're two of the BIGGEST FPS's ON THE MARKET RIGHT NOW. And when 2 products compete for your money THEY ARE COMPETITION. Crap like this needs to be taken down. It doesn't matter if the gameplay is different, the fact of the matter is that they are two of the biggest FPS's out now.

chak_3491d ago

they are in competition, but there is no competition.

BC2 winner by KO

lams1013491d ago

BC2 and MW2 are different multiplayer experiences.
MW2 is small and contained(map wise) and the gameplay is faster paced.
In BC2 there are vehicles and airplanes and all sorts of crazy things. IMO they are completely different. the only thing they share is the completely unoriginal modern day ripped from the news headlines feel.


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