Left 4 Dead 2 on Sale Today Only

RespawnAction: " Left 4 Dead is todays Amazon Deal of the Day with a nice price tag on it. If you have been wanting to get into this zombie fest but felt it wasn't worth the full price, here is your chance."

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champ213491d ago

waiting on a steam discount for this one, friend needs a copy.

Letros3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

It will be activated on Steam from retail. But not sure Amazon ships to other countries.

multipayer3491d ago

I was waiting for my lingering debit card to get back from the store, and now it is $25 on steam midweek madness(a dollar more)... I guess I can go without the purple glue from amazon to get free shipping though.

movements3491d ago

Nice, finally gamers who couldn't afford it will get their chance.

peeps3491d ago

oh i could afford it. but having barely played the first i decided to wait untill this game was a budget price. £15 certainly is tempting although for £3 more i could just get dow2:chaos rising which i'll prob get more hours out of tbh

AngryFork3491d ago

I still don't want it. I won't support turning L4D into Resident Evil 5. Instead of tense and creepy atmosphere like the first, part 2 traded that in for LULZ MELEE WEAPONS SO COOOL and ridiculous daylight sequences with awful music, no suspense, just lame.

Will never buy the sequel, Valve should've worked on something everyone wanted like Episode 3, instead of a sequel that wasn't needed.

Silent3491d ago

O now I can get this on a PC :)
already have one but getting one for a buddy :) its an awesome game.
with shipping its 28.97 still not bad

Letros3491d ago

Valve just put it up on Steam for $25, great deal!

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