A standalone Bane game? Yes please, says Batman dev

How do you follow up a success like the BAFTA-winning Batman: Arkham Asylum? Well, we already know that Rocksteady is hard at work on an as-yet unnamed sequel, but studio director Sefton Hill has other ideas, too - like a standalone Bane game.

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ultramoot3499d ago

I'd really love a 'Bane' game, but I didn't exactly enjoy the way he was protrayed in AA. He's not a brainless brute like The Hulk.

What many non-comic book readers(who watched 'Batman & Robin') don't know is that Bane is NOT a steroid-humping, muscle-headed freak as portrayed in that movie. If you've read the storyline "Bane of the Demon", you'll see that he is much more intelligent than the average human-being. Even Ra's al Ghul was impressed with him, considering him as the 'Perfect human specimen', second only to Batman himself.

If they're gonna do this, let's hope they make him more than just muscles, and actually give him meaningful lines instead of just "RAAAARRRGH!"

chak_3497d ago

nah, just more batman !

NYC_Gamer3497d ago

rocksteady should bring us a superman game.....