Editorial: Videogames thrown to the lions on National T.V. writes:-
We take a break from our regularly scheduled knob jokes and video game revelry to bring you this editorial…

I don't really "do" politics. I have a healthy observational viewpoint on party politics; I always vote; I support a party of sorts and I care about the future generations of our once great country. When it comes to the in-depth to-ing and fro-ing of the political world at large I take a cautious step back and let the children play in the crèche that is the House of Commons.

Videogames and politics are a mixture akin to water and oil and I really do not want this to disintegrate in to a conversation about the British Governments disregard for one of the largest entertainment mediums on the planet to date. Oops! I think I just did – hey ho, let us step forward to the matter at hand.

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