Standalone Xbox 250GB HDD confirmed by Dashboard

While Microsoft may have stated up, down and sidesaddle that the 250GB version of its Xbox 360 HDD would remain exclusive to special console bundles (e.g., Modern Warfare 2 and Splinter Cell: Conviction), it would appear that the particular drive will arrive as a standalone accessory sometime soon. As spotted by eagle-eyed Joystiq reader Rodney in the Spotlight section of the Xbox 360 Dashboard (pictured above), the accessory should be available at "participating retailers" rather soon -- the ad's wording indicates that the HDD might already be on store shelves

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NateNater3498d ago

60 gig
120 gig

250 gig... I'll take a guess and say it'll easily be over $100

Grown Folks Talk3498d ago

GameStop/ had $129.99.

Kahvipannu3498d ago

[Update: We've just gotten official word from Microsoft that the 250 GB HDD retails for $129.99 and should be available today.]

Pretty damn expencive. I have never had space problems with 120 gig tought, so I'll pass this time.

Grown Folks Talk3498d ago

but the 120 cost more when it 1st released. It would be nice to be able to use an external as well. A TB is barely over $100.

Kahvipannu3498d ago

Well I guess your right, the price has gotten better.

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