VGC: The Secret World Preview with New Screens and Art

Brian Zucker writes: "The story is all about digging deeper, as nothing is quite as it seems anywhere you go. Even the people are just a 'coat of white paint, but rotten underneath' according to the Lead Designer, Martin Bruusgaard. All the characters have their own back stories, which will be explained via cutscenes throughout the game when you accept a mission. If you want to replay a mission, you can choose to enter Challenge Mode. Don't worry, you will never be shown the same cutscene twice, unless you start over with a completely new character."

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MisterPickles23501d ago

"You should be thinking of a Left 4 Dead/X-Files mash-up. Here is the catch, though: this is an MMO with a storyline."

OMG massive hype! :D

Braineater24483501d ago

Yea graphics dont look too shabby either.

naznatips3501d ago

It looks pretty good, yeah.

bmw693501d ago

Graphics actually aren't bad at all - best looking MMO to date...

Torillian3501d ago

y'know I just can't seem to get myself to care about the prospects of newly announced console MMO's until some of the ones that have been promised forever actually come out and we see how they work.

Rubang3501d ago

This. I'll believe it when I can see one of them.

But this one better play "The Secret World" by Peter Gabriel.

naznatips3501d ago

It's a really cool theme though.

bmw693501d ago

I predict this will be the next big thing for MMOs...

jFND903501d ago

Man, that Bill Murray line was hilarious. Great article *applauds*

Braineater24483501d ago

Lol Yea I laughed when I read it too =P

Spectator13501d ago

Interesting, hope it actually releases :P

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