20° SOCOM 4 Preview

Clicking, pressing, tapping, holding - the overwhelmingly complex controls that come with every new instalment of the SOCOM series have long been a barrier for recruitment. Directing a squad of commandos is nowhere near as complicated as navigating the button configuration on a Dual Shock controller. SOCOM 4 US Navy SEALs doesn't scuttle any features or options, but for the first time it floats the idea of simple control and it comes by way of PlayStation Move.

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ExposingLames3491d ago

sucks SOCOM is dead....used to be the only game i played in the FOXHUNT days....RIP

Ray1863491d ago

Complete and utter garbage.

NobleRed3491d ago

Socom isn't Socom anymore. Looks I'm buying Six Days in Fallujah instead.