Resonance of Fate 'beats Final Fantasy XIII'

CVG: Sega RPG heads in "completely the opposite direction" to Square, says XBW

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vhero3500d ago

I disagree I saw the battle system to RoF and immediately cancelled my pre-order... It looks THAT bad...

Gun_Senshi3500d ago

battle system in RoF is one of the best. You need to play Demo on JP Store (Playstation). Don't know if JP XBL has it.

Reibooi3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

They are both great games but I think Final Fantasy XIII is better. It has bar none the best battle system I have ever seen in a RPG. It's fast, Furious, Frantic and fun while still having the need for strategy(it's not a game to button mash on in the later portions of the game).

Resonance of Fate is a great game and I love the customization and it also has a pretty decent battle system(Playing the JP demo doesn't help AT ALL unless you can read Japanese I tried and it just did the same thing over and over and from the demo I would not have bought it).

If I had to say it's like RoF is a B+ game while FFXIII is a AAA game. Even if you don't like the new changes in FFXIII it's obvious the game is a top notch game. It's not for everyone but then again neither is RoF.

Gun_Senshi3500d ago

I doubt we are playing the same FFXIII

I'm in Chapter 12 and all i did is use auto battle, even agaisnt bosses.

despair3500d ago

played the japanese demo (took a while to understand what to do i don't speak or read Japanese) but i thought the battle system was great everything else though (except the humour and customization) didn't appeal to me. Maybe when it drops in price i'll consider it. Till then i have FFXIII to beat.

Biggest3500d ago

If you're only doing auto-battle you're missing out on half of what the characters can do. Each character gets a special ability at level 9 of the crystarium on the job they're most adept at. You can probably mash buttons in every game to just make it to the end. But if you are really playing games because you enjoy games, that is never true.

rucky3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

I like FFXIII's new battle system. It's pretty similar to Legend of Legaia's battle system which I liked. I just wished it was more customizable like being able to create my own preset of moves.

Reibooi3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )


Yes you will use Auto Battle alot however it's not what people are referring to when they say the game needs strategy.

You need to be constantly switching your Paradigms and the game doesn't do that for you nor does it tell you which ones you need. Further in the game you will be switch the paradigms tons of times each battle and that makes it so you are constantly doing stuff.

Even further in the game(Chapter 13 and post game play) You get abilities that the game doesn't prioritize and you need to make sure YOU input the command to use them if you want to. The Death spell is a perfect example. The game will almost never put that spell in Auto Battle however it is a very useful spell.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3500d ago

I played the japanese demo of RoF but it's kinda crap, specially the graphics. That game has one of the most horrible graphics I have seen this gen! The battle system was something like Valkyrie Profile 2 but with guns... Not that good at all.

I didn't like FFXIII either but I think that the game's the best jrpg's this gen (not including Valyria Chronicles because that one is turn based strategy). All the jrpg's this gen have been so so so... Underwhelming.

kancerkid3500d ago

Yea, RoF has a deep, intricate battle system while half of the game FF13 you can just spam attacks.

Graphics don't make the game but FF13 has great, colorful graphics, while RoF has graphics better than they need to be.

I would go with RoF any day of the week over FF13, though I will still play both, if only to play FF13 when I don't feel like thinking.

Army_of_Darkness3500d ago

I swear, I would of took FF13 for a ps3 exclusive. It looks that freakin' good, even after playing GOW3!

But I don't really like the battle system in this one. it feels like a RPG for beginners after playing all the previous Final fantasy games.

Rocket Sauce3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

From what I've seen, this game looks REALLY stupid. It seems pretty cool, actually, when you're just shooting your gun like a normal person, but when I see someone do lots of goofy gymnastics, then turn upside down while in mid-air before they pull the trigger...ugh.

rexus123453500d ago

Didn't get this game (the battle demo kind of scared me off), but from reviews, this is the current gen's purest JRPG, emphasis on "J", the theme and culture of the game just seems too foreign to me. Battle system is made for hardcore RPG fans, not casual friendly at all. So yeah, this game is not for the majority of gamers.

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Trebius3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

But then again i've never seen its battle system ... will check on youtube right now then edit I guess... :)


Looks good ... the weapon customization looks nice ... and the battles are kinda crazy looking. Something new for a change. This game seems to be going in the right direction for the sake of all RPGs. It has TOWNS!

BeaArthur3500d ago

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I however am enjoying FF13 and have zero desire to play Resonance of Fate. I have seem some gameplay and read some reviews and it doesn't seem to be anything special.

RecarmSR3500d ago

If you've the time and money, I'd highly recommend that you try RoF despite your dissatisfaction with The Last Hope (which I plan on playing eventually). I'd compare it to Valkyrie Profile 2, but the battle system is simply more fun. The soundtrack is above average, too.

Natsu X FairyTail3500d ago

End of eternity got to potential to be a good series. The characters are funny and the humour is funny as hell.

kinda like kill bill and all them Quentin tarantino movies and the Ichi the killers and stuff.

anonymouse1113353500d ago

It's these sorts of articles that bring massive flaming and trolling, I'm enjoying XIII, I can see why some people don't like it, from opinions I've seen it's either you love it or you hate it.

Resonance of Fate looks great, when I get the money to get a PS3 I'll try it.The battle system looks difficult but it did in FF13 at first and it's easy to use once you get used to it.

"Tri-Ace has focused primarily on its battle system and its world and on these grounds, if on no other, Resonance of Fate beats Final Fantasy XII hands down."

I think they're thinking of the wrong ff here, LOL TYPO

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