God of War III gives gamers lots of 'holy sh*t' moments

3News: The long-awaited God of War III was released last week and has been met with universal critical acclaim.

It is the latest instalment of the popular PlayStation franchise, and the trailer for it has been viewed well over 10 million times on YouTube.

It's a bit weird playing a new videogame at your house till 5am, then waking up the next day to talk to two American guys who spent three years making the game.

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captain-obvious3500d ago

yep yep
every boss fight / finishing move
some cut scenes and some graphics

DID give me alot of 'holy sh*t' moments

Hellsvacancy3500d ago

Im MEGA lookin 4-ward 2-playin it, im 3-quaters of the way through the 1st game (for the VERY 1st time) then its God Of War 2 then the 3rd, all that epicness in the space of a fortnight

If my PS3 hadnt of got YLOD again the other week i woulda done it all by now, i also went 2 Amsterdam for 3-days so that was my PS3 Slim money gone (last minute thing) so i fixed my PS3 myself (again)

sikbeta3500d ago

Totally True, Every time I'm like "OMGOW!!! Holy sh...."

Amazing Game...

Max Power3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

is absolutely amazing, I mean there were so many parts that I just sat there and notice that my jaw has gone slack, gaping at the carnage that Kratos was dealing. I plan on showing my casual gaming friends this game and they'll poop their pants.

3500d ago
gunnerforlife3500d ago

i went and got a new PS3 ASAP after my 60 gig got the YLOD just for Dod Of War lool cost me an arm and a leg and I still ain't got the game though, cuz of how much i spent >_< lool

God_Of_Epicness3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

An arm and a leg costs 299$? Must be because of the world economy.

GodFather873500d ago

and not only some graphics. The whole game looks absolutely outstanding.

thief3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Sell a kidney and buy the game as well
And tell Silvestre to go easy on Messi, he is just a kid :)

Obama3500d ago

The way you finish H_____ is simply the most brutal move I have ever seen.

ChozenWoan3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

was you referring to H---- or H----- or H----- as each one was finished off in an Olym-epic manner.

Just for the record, I rather enjoyed the last H____ to get served.

raztad3500d ago

LOL @H------

So many H---- named guys to kill. Every one of those deaths were sicker than the other. Brutality at its finest.

kold stare3500d ago

if i recall there at least 5 H---- that was brutally kill .......but love every one of them.....i think Im going to hell for it.

FragGen3500d ago

I'm playing through GOW Collection right now (in anticipation of purchasing GOW3, so I can play all three in order) and if the gameplay is the same in GOW3 as it is in the first two games then this game is an overrated hypefest. Seriously. Graphics are great but these games are far from the masterpieces everyone is making them out to be in terms of gameplay (and that's what matters).

I guess I'm jaded but I don't get massive wood every time I see great GFX any more. These first two games are freaking repetitive, the fixed camera is RETARDED to the point of being annoying, and the QTE boss fights feel dumb. Hopefully GOW3 addresses this (trying to avoid reviews because I don't want spoilers), I know they tried to add variety to the weapons for sure so that's a start.

GodFather873500d ago

The gameplay is nearly the same. And it's your opinion if you don't like the game, that doesn't mean it's overhyped. For most gamers it is one of the best games you can get on PS3 - for me too. The gameplay is great. It fits exactly to the whole game.

DaTruth3500d ago

He's talking about the punching one! That was particularly brutal. I actually felt it was a little too much, dudes face was completely gone!

ChozenWoan3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

I still like the one that you hold upside down the most... mostly due to the way you could draw it out and relish in his anguish after all he put you through.

Although the one you punch in the face made me a little sad. He didn't get much time in the game so I felt bad that I had to end him so soon.... but he begged for it so I got over it, and got back to business.

badz1493499d ago

but I enjoy playing with A-----! (^_^) call me crazy but that part is EPIC on its own way too!

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NateNater3500d ago

I think I had more holy sh!t moments in GoW3 than I did in Uncharted2. I still love me some Uncharted though :)

Eamon3500d ago

Uncharted 2 had moments of jawdropping visuals.
God of War III had moments of... jawdropping.. lol

Man, I have never played such a violent game in my life. I used to find the violence in GOW1 and 2 quite humourous but the way some bosses in GOW3 get killed. Man... And the music in the background just added to the brutality.


aaronisbla3500d ago

you know, that music thats playing in the backkground when the kill is about to happen is pretty damn creep and epic. Its especially good when it kicks in during the fight you get the cestus from, never in a 1000 years did i expect them to put that in the game.

DaTruth3500d ago

I thought I was the only one! Apparently everyone thought that was a little over-the-top! A bit demented!

Jsynn73500d ago

I beat the game this past weekend. Pretty insane stuff. A lot crazy stuff happening in that game. Kratos is a monster! There some serious button mashing in that game (especially towards the end). My hands are still sore. I still can't get over the graphics. I had to laugh cuz you would only see things like that during unplayable cut scenes but now your still in control and it still looks that good. For those who don't own GOW3, OWN IT! I was thinking about playing through it again right away but I want to give my hands a chance to heal lol

badz1493499d ago

so you won't severe your hands with your knees LOL!

GR8 13500d ago

I've seen my nephew playing the game and honestly i didn't see any 'holy sh*t' moments. GOW3 is just another HYPE game and sadly it hasn't even sold a Million since release......that's embarrassing when considered games on xbox360 sell over a Million day 1.

8hrs game-play isn't worth the purchase best to save that $$$ for a rainy day my advice.

HypermysticsonicHMSX3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Bub bub but but... the oragami killer will get you's
be carefull out there kid...

BBtw, i could say the same the about Most 360 exclusives being just HYPE
360 fans have no brains and just buy everything they see
Like Microsoft monkey see - monkey do

Flop In

Play B3yond compression

Basil-Rathboner3500d ago

It may seem a bit off the wall to say this but one of the most impressive things for me that made me say holy $h!t were the moments where the screen blacks out and your character is in shadow. If your playing on an HD screen you'll know what i mean. Its not muddy grey washed out black its jet black. The Caves and a certain boss battle i won't name are good examples of what i mean. The colours and lighting are incredible.

There was also a moment towards the end where i stopped to survey my surroundings and the first thing that popped into my head was holy $h!t this looks like an oil painting.

Then it occurred to me that when Jaffe said that the game looked like an oil painting come to life --- HE WAS RIGHT.

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