Total War dev: Current gen consoles are falling behind

PC gaming be about to overtake its console-based rivals. That's the opinion of Creative Assembly, the developer behind the BAFTA-winning Empire: Total War. Mike Simpson, the studio's creative director, believes that the current generation of consoles is starting to lose momentum, and that the PC will be the platform to cash-in.

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gtamike1233500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

360 is falling cause of DVD.
E.G. you can't have a game like GTA on 3 disks really

gtamike1233500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

50GB disks not for PC games :)
Already used for the PS3

Motion3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

lol, it takes more than storage space to make a game :p

But, in regards to your ps3 reference, I don't really see it falling behind yet either.

On the other hand (and I'm probably going to get slaughtered for this), as foremost a PC gamer myself, I really think that the 360 has held PC gaming back with console development first then a PC port. Its not the 360's fault, more the developers, but it still happens that way.

Pjuice3500d ago

devs follow the money its not there fault the average casual gamer is not educated enough to get a pc, so really its not the 360's fault or the ps3's its the ppl that buys them. pc gets tons of unoptimized ports from console right now and running them at twice the framrate and way higher resolutions imagine if these codes were actually made for the pc to begin with. The best looking game to this day still is crysis when you take in the huge free roaming area, destructible objects, lighting, shadows, and water all that together no game even compares to a 3 year old pc optimized coded game. That was 3 years ago imagine what an actual engine that pushed the pc would look like now, these new dx 11 cards are twice as fast as the last gen there hasn't been a jump like that in video cards for awhile and you can use any type of control you want on ur pc, that xbox 360 controller ur ps3 controller razor makes a controller thats even better than the wii remote all those don't even compare to mouse and keyboard to me on an fps but on pc its to each there own not everyone do it this way like the console.

Kahvipannu3500d ago

I'm going to agree, that PC have been, and will be ahead of consoles. Consoles just can't do all the stuff what PC can. Neverthles I'm really happy that devs are showing more love to PC, since I'm harcore strategy fan. Can't wait for Civ 5 :D