God of War 3 is Out. Now What Else 'Ya Got, Sony?

PSP World: Word of mouth is that God of War 3 is really helping Sony move some systems. Friends and forum members are claiming that PS3s are selling out. Now this can simply be just mere coincidence, but it's hard to deny the juggernaut titles that gamers are flocking to scoop up to play on a brand spanking new PS3. We're talking about heavy hitter titles like the aforementioned GOW3 and of course, Final Fantasy XIII.

Although FFXIII may be a multiplatform game, it goes without saying that the PS3 version is superior to its 360 counterpart, based largely on the sheer storage capability of the Blu-Ray disc versus the disc-swapping madness that 360 gamers must endure on their standard DVD media. But are these two games the driving force behind the recent surge in PS3 sales? Or has the PS3 re-branding finally caught on with the mass market? The answer will be revealed in the coming months, especially if the PS3 market-share can be sustained months after the release of their arguably best and most recognizable franchise, namely the God of War series.

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Nathan Drake23495d ago

sony's got:

gran turismo 5
motorstorm 3
modnation racers
killzone 3
infamous 2
resistance 3
twisted metal
socom 4
ff versus 13
the last guardian

lh_swe3495d ago

The 360 has this one in the bag.

jjacinto233495d ago

Be careful guys the link got some virus, my computer detected it i'm just letting you know

poontab3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

The only thing you should be worried about is giving this dude hits.
The first two sentences should let you know this isn't worth one click of your mouse.

"Word of mouth is that God of War 3 is really helping Sony move some systems. Friends and forum members are claiming that PS3s are selling out."

Really "Word of Mouth"? Trash.
Edit Not you the article.

ThanatosDMC3495d ago

People should play Yakuza 3. The story line is epic and the street fights are awesome. There's a huge slow down with taking care of the kids from your orphanage though but it's made so that you care about those 9-10 kids you'll be taking care of since something horrible will happen to them which will make you kick so much ass.

aaron58293495d ago

without any spoilers (i hope)

i kinda cared about the kids... and you and i both know what will happen..

i was like " aww you mothafvker...i'm gonna kill you!! "


really good game.

sikbeta3495d ago

"What Else 'Ya Got?"

·Soccom 4
·ModNation Racers
·Jaffe's Game, 100% Sure: Twisted Metal PS3

AliTheBrit193495d ago

I highly doubt that, my software picked up nothing, you probably did something stupid like click on an ad.

BitWarrior3495d ago

Both Google Chrome and Kaspersky starting firing up warnings and alerts visiting the site. It perchance may not be the site itself but ads it serves being injected with malware (via Flash, a popular tactic), but it's still bad news - beware.

Kaspersky basically did confirm the site was trying to load malware.

ThanatosDMC3495d ago

Yeah, i felt attach to those silly kids. I wanted to kill those assholes.

Christopher3495d ago

"You've won the lottery, what now Mr. Brown?"

"I dunno, what else you got?"

That's what this article sounds like.

masterg3495d ago

For once Sony is doing the smart thing when it comes to hyping games.
This time they are waiting to E3 to show some of the fall releases for the first time. It's going to be their biggest E3 yet. I'm sure.

We all loved them showing KS2 in 05. But 3½ years is to long to wait. In general a game should come out max a year after it's first shown.

GameFlavor3495d ago

Appreciate your attempts to warn fellow gamers about any potential virus risk. Although our site was subject to an attack last week, just like any other high traffic site, you would have noticed that we took the site down immediately. The hack has been traced and subsequently removed.

Please feel free to visit the site again and update your comment.


GameFlavor Team

badz1493494d ago

I swear I've seen a similar article before! come on, after 2007, the PS3 has never been dry without games in any given time of the year for 2008, 2009 and now 2010, I feel like it's Christmas already but my calendar reminds me that it's only March! what's the deal with these "what's next?" article? Sony always have things cookin' in their studios while constantly releasing games throughout the year! why didn't I see something like this last year when the other console clearly dry on good exclusive??

swingingape3494d ago

hmm no virus for me.. check again dude

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plb3495d ago

Last Guardian has some serious graphics king potential from what I've seen. Would like some more info on Agent.

lh_swe3495d ago

In the long run Sony has more but this year they have very few tricks left up their sleves.

ArcFatalix3495d ago

no exclusives for 2010 yet.

AllroundGamer3495d ago

how can you forget about Natal and the exclusive ball game... ;)

OtherWhiteMeat3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Thanks jjacinto23

Actually quite a few of these links are suspect. Also I updated my Adobe reader and that seems to put a stop to the most recent virus warnings.