Miyamoto: Nintendo Made A Super Mario Galaxy 1.5

GI: Everyone's excited for the upcoming release of Super Mario Galaxy 2 on May 23 for the Wii, but it almost wasn't to be. Find out what Shigeru Miyamoto originally had in store.

Nintendo usually takes its sweet time cooking up sequels for its triple-A franchises, but only three years separate Super Mario Galaxy from its predecessor. Both games are even on the same console, a rarity for the publisher. In an exclusive interview with Game Informer, creator Shigeru Miyamoto told us what spurred the timely creation of SMG 2.

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poontab3492d ago

I know what really spurred him, spurs.....and $

asdr3wsfas3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

If they wanted money another 2d mario would have murdered this in sales. 3d mario hardly sells compared to it, particularly in japan.

2d mario was forgotten by nintendo because the devs get bored making it. That's why SMG2 was made from all these ideas he fell in loved with - he enjoys making 3d mario.

The best example is the amount of time put into each title. NSMB wii is amazing but this game gets giant world? I bet this game will have much more yoshi compared to NSMB wii, where he was heavily underutilized.

This is what he enjoys making - NSMB wii was great but you can tell which game gets more budget and attention. The absurdly good graphics in SMG, fun physics, and orchestral score should have tipped you off to that. NSMB wii has immaculate level design, which is great for gameplay but much cheaper overall.

(for the record SMG was one of my favorite video games ever till NSMB wii)

ChickeyCantor3492d ago

In all honesty, many games could be considered a 1.5 since its just the original concept with the ideas that never made it...
But in normal terms you just call it V2.0;

-GametimeUK-3492d ago

This could very well be my GOTY... Mario releases are amazing :)

n4f3491d ago

"As soon as we completed Super Mario Galaxy, we thought we weren't able to include a lot of the new ideas that we really wanted to," explained Miyamoto. "As soon as the project was over, we started making something that we might call version 1.5. We did things like moving or adding stars to levels that were already available. As we made progress with this 1.5, we realized that there were too many things to fit into a version 1.5. That made us realize we should start from scratch and make Super Mario Galaxy 2. That's how we started working on the game.... Usually we wait until the advent of new hardware, but for this time around, because there were so many ideas we were not able to include in the first volume, we thought we should make a sequel to that."

tunaks13491d ago

im gonna guess trolls will read the title and not the article,
then they will troll