New Sonic 4 Screens.

Here's eight new images for the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog 4 game that is due out sometime this summer via download for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

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Madis0073498d ago

well i dont know. its little bit wierd grahpic and when i saw gameplay then everything is slow. i hope they bring classic gameplay back.

Yi-Long3498d ago

... but we'll have to see how it will look in motion.

Also, the (dumb, as usual) decision by Sega to release this as episodic-content, has pretty much already made me decide that I'll just wait till the whole game is complete, and available for a bargain-price.

Army_of_Darkness3497d ago

But man, those screen shots sure brings back memories of my young sega Genesis days :)

Yi-Long3497d ago

... Sonic 1, 2 and SonicCD were the greatest SOnic games :) After that, with the change in design and later the change in gameplay, it all went downhill faster than a blue rodent coming out of a spiral and 3 loopings...

Chimerhazzard3497d ago

I think Sonic 3 and Knuckles were both amazing games as well.

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OhMyGandhi3498d ago

Jesus, Spell check man, it's your best friend.
Seriously though, this as old school as it's gonna get. I actually really like this screens. It looks like a clean fun game, and goes to show that Sega actually gives a crap about it's fan base.

Let's just hope that the "werehog" doesn't pop in at some point in the game.

A problem I have though is that it seems like this game is being developed pretty damn fast.

I hope they take their time on it and really try to make it "the best sonic ever".

Biggest3498d ago

Have you seen the "new" Megaman?

AngryFork3498d ago

Only thing I have a problem with is it takes too long for his legs to start spinning. They only start spinning when you're going REALLY fast which doesn't happen often in these levels. It needs to happen sooner.

Also the jumping animation is bad, looks too floaty and 'next-gen' but it'll kill the experience if it makes things slower.

If they fix those 2 things i'll be very happy. I'm still getting it though.

Redempteur3498d ago

nice but i wonder if dimps will be up to the challenge ..make everyone love sonic again ..

3498d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.