Red Dead Redemption game box needs more hat

The newly released cover art for Rockstar's upcoming Western adventure game Red Dead Redemption features John Marston drawing a sawn-off shotgun and scowling in an uncouth manner. His cowboy hat is curiously absent.

We find this omission bold and slightly baffling -- like Superman without a cape. To our knowledge, it's the first Western-flavoured video game in history to feature hat-free box art. It would seem Rockstar is drawing a line in the sand. A line without hats.

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GrrrlGamerX3494d ago

Eww. Put the hat back on. Greasy hair! Greasy hair!

HOSe3492d ago

cool shotgun, everything else about this sucks. who wants a greasy dude on the cover of a game..

pwneddemocrat3492d ago

who cares about the cover really, the game looks promising
heck, even if they put pickachu on the cover i'll still buy this game