EA cancels Starbreeze title

Swedish developer confirms that one of its projects with EA has been ditched, though work continues on another.

One of the titles that was due to emerge from the recent partnership between publisher EA and developer Starbreeze has been cancelled, the developer has confirmed – though which title has been canned remains a mystery.

EA had previously confirmed that Starbreeze was working on a brand new title based on Robert Ludlum's Bourne action franchise following EA's capturing of the games rights from Ludlam Entertainment.

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DecoyOctopus3500d ago

they should work on The Darkness 2!!

BlackIceJoe3500d ago

I hope it was not the new version of Syndicate. I also would not want to see a new version of Bourne canceled too. But if it had to be one. I hope it was Bourne. Because I have been wanting a new Syndicate for some time.