Mass Effect 2 Alternate Appearance Pack Released

Xbox Live has listed new DLC for Mass Effect 2, now available for download from the Marketplace.

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BeaArthur3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Never mind, I thought this was for the firewalker DLC. No chance I am paying $2 for this.

wicko3492d ago

Sad thing is it's more worthwhile than a 15$ map pack.

BeaArthur3492d ago

wicko...not if it's a good game, but a map pack for a glitchy modded out game, absolutely.

Odion3492d ago

finally Garrus won't have half his face gone and a massive chunk of the should piece destroyed and covered in burns and blood

toaster3492d ago

Yeah I wondered why the character models didn't change after a while. I mean, Turians do heal, don't they? They also probably like to keep their armor nice and clean.

EvilBlackCat3492d ago

fnck this dlc

$2 for this? i know is just 2 dollars but...

Goldenarmz3492d ago

these lil things arent covered under the Cereberus network for free? I mean really?

ikaris3492d ago

EA only appears to be reformed, to change their view in the public eye.
The battlefield 'free' maps, are already on the disc, the extra content for ME2 sucked, The mission involved running around a crash site picking up dog tags. I'm not a big fan of Zaeed or w/e, and poor bioware. Balls locked up in a publishers cage.