PS3 now bigger than God? Well Zeus at least

2010 is proving to be a strong year for Playstation 3 exclusives with the latest release, God of War III taking top spot in the UK's gaming charts. This top spot is across all platforms and if rumours are to be believed is helping to shift a large number of PS3 consoles worldwide. Sony has been stating for some time that gamers should be excited by the great games hitting the PS3 this year and March has certainly been a bumper for PS3 owners, with Final Fantasy XIII, Heavy Rain, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and now the impressive God of War III. Heavy Rain and God of War III now make it two number 1 spots in the UK charts for Sony exclusive titles.

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What Would Kratos Do3495d ago

How can Zeus be considered as less than God, they are the same thing are they not?

DigitalAnalog3495d ago

When you're done in by Kratos.

-End statement

Foliage3495d ago

Zeus was birthed by Chronos. God was birthed by nobody.

Both myths, but very different type of Gods. The Greeks believed in many Gods (although Zeus might have been considered the primary one), while the usual belief in a singular "God" is that they are the creator of everything. The Greeks believe there are various gods behind various things.

To sum it up, very different.

INehalemEXI3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

The Universe is expanding and when it collapses in on itself A PS3 Mega Cluster will trigger a "big bang" that will begin a new age , where life will eventually build the Artifact called PS 9001

the inhabitants of populated worlds will call this mega cluster the Godsole. Mega Cluster will begin as Starhawk's Server in the year 2010 AD. It is probably being assembled as we speak -_-

badz1493494d ago

and I also think that GoW3 is an awesome game if not the best game I've played so far! but god? come on...

sikbeta3494d ago

Eh... The same thing badz149 said...

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2FootYard3495d ago

Look, we've all wanted this so called "God" dead for quite awhile now, right? I think its time that Jack Tretton and a space ship full of PS3s fly into heaven, storm the place, and blow out God's brains.

delicia3495d ago

Lol, just shut up, my god you're annoying

BioSonic3495d ago

Don't fall into the trap, Halo Reach will be the best game this year!

3495d ago
Digitaldude3494d ago

How is it a flop, in what possible sense?

awesomeperson3494d ago

Ahh a new multi account to debubble.

Who are you, GR8 1 (aka Metal Gear rising) or well... umm... well theres actually only one or two bots with a lot of multi accounts.

Anyways aside the point.

How the hell is great ratings, superior graphics and scope along with even high sales a flop?

In what possible sense? Do bots even think before they try to race to get in with a comment first.

Valkyre3494d ago

Your brain is overrated...

thief3494d ago

Dont gang up on him. The overrated God of War 3 is no match for the awesomeness that is Ninja Blade. Ninja Blade rocks!

redsquad3494d ago

You're entitled to your opinion. Pity it's so wrong.

GodGinrai3494d ago

Thats quiet the sense of humour you have there biosonic.but seriously no it isnt.

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3495d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.