World of Warcraft patch 3.3.3 Goes Live

Blizzard Entertainment deployed patch 3.3.3 today into live World of Warcraft servers adding several class balance and bug fixes, improvements to the Auction House, dungeons and user interface.

The Random Battleground System, similar to the Dungeon LFG system has gone live with rewards per battleground completed through this new system.

Read the full patch notes over at WoW:IncGamers.

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Leord3492d ago

Hehe, finally :)

Love PvP

champ213492d ago

Havent played wow for a longtime. How is the pvp now, are things close to balanced?

toaster3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

@ Champ

LOL Not really. Locks are still OP and need to get nerfed badly.
Then again, warlocks are just mages that decide to NOT suck. And Rogues counter-class locks so that balances it a little, but not by much.

Cogo3492d ago

Not even a single patch note for Paladins :(

Maticus3492d ago

Some big changes for an incremental patch O.O

ThePostalDudeX3492d ago

Tried to go back to WoW, got bored in seconds.

Redrudy3492d ago

Isn't the Diablo 2 patch going public today also? Big day for upgrades.

t8503492d ago

Yep it is, Blizzard games just wont die. Thanks to their support.

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