Is Heavenly Sword Better Than God Of War III?

NowGamer: This may strike you as a stupid question. 'Obviously it's not better! How could it possibly be better?' And I would agree with you, except it's a question that refuses to leave my mind and I'm forced to confront the possibility.

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xg-ei8ht3491d ago

Err no.

Heavenly sword is a good game it it's own right and does some things that i enjoyed.

But to much screentearing and not good enough animations.

Considering it was an earlier title, it was good.

But GOW3 is completely on another level.

Rockox3490d ago

DON'T GO INTO THE OPEN ZONE. Potential spoiler for Alan Wake. Spoiler is in user's name.

TheTwelve3489d ago

No, but I enjoyed it more than Bayonetta.


Blaze9293489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

why the hell is Heavenly Sword still selling at $59.99 MSRP and not Greatest Hits yet at $29.99?


Apparently Walmart is selling the game for only $19.96!!!

Gonna check my local store tomorrow. Been waiting FOREVER for it to reach that point. Dunno why the price for this game varies so much retailer to retailer.

morganfell3489d ago

PS3 owners that have played Heavenly Sword know exactly why it still sells at $59.

sonarus3489d ago

A better question is: Is NowGamer retarded?

Nitrowolf23489d ago

i want to know the exact same thing, even used it cost allot. Idk but wen i see this on soem games it because they are actually awesome games. Like COD4 thats still a pretty high price

ryano232773489d ago

Yeah the Spoiler guy needs a BOOT. There are multi console owners who are looking forward to Alan Wake.

@ Blaze - Heavenly Sword is budget title here in Australia.

The best thing about whether HS or GOW3 is better - is the CHOICE. Whether DI or Bay is better (no way near), but again - CHOICE

AridSpider3489d ago

I'm gonna just throw this out there and say it's because it wasn't a 'hit'? That and they need as money pumped into that game to made and can only do so by keeping it at that price until further notice? Look how long it took for Uncharted 1 to finally get the Greatest Hits $29.99 treatment here in the states.

It's been what now, 3-4 years heavenly sword has been out and it's STILL $59.99? Wtf is up with that o_O? Did they just 'forget' to mark down the price?

SullyDrake3489d ago

Nariko is unbelievably sexy for a video game character.

TheTwelve3489d ago

She had an amazing mouth. =)


aaron58293489d ago

Kratos to have babies with Nariko..

Tony-A3489d ago

Maybe not "word-of-mouth" wise, but it sold about 1.5 million copies. I wouldn't call it a "Greatest Hit", but I would call over 1 million a hit.

Clearly God of War III is doing better in sales, selling just under what HS took 3 years to reach within a week, but I say 1 million and above is a hit.

I guess not a "Greatest Hit", though.

Aclay3489d ago

I own both God of War 3 and Heavenly Sword, and like many other have said, HS is a gem in my collection too... however, I don't think it's better than God of War 3 though.

God of War 3's Opening sequence and the Opening level ranks high as one of my all time favorite gaming moments's just something that you HAVE to experience for yourself in person and on your TV screen.

IMO Heavenly Sword had some really stellar voice acting, really well told story and I thought that the Sixaxis controls were used very well in the game.

Heavenly Sword had a deeper combat system and while I had plenty of fun with it, overall I found myself enjoying God of War 3's combat a bit more though.

Marceles3489d ago

I enjoyed them both. I probably enjoyed HS just as much as I did GOW3 when it first came out, I just hate how the game was bashed in reviews and wish it got better appreciation than it did because it was really a good game.

vhero3489d ago

Wow fanboys of 360 really hate this game eh? Comparing it to every other similar game they can think of.. Next we will get is dynasty warriors better than God Of War III.

meetajhu3489d ago

I love both games close to my heart. Nariko and Kratos perfect pair. I will never sell these games. I will never sell any PS3 exclusives and Xbox360 exclusives(i'll sell halo) and PC FPS games.

sikbeta3489d ago

Ah... after ALL the Hate towards this game, with the whole too short and no replay value and crap like that, a LAME site needs hits an want to compare it with GOW3

The Answer is NO, but Heavenly Sword is Awesome even if is not as Awesome as GOW3

3489d ago
ian723489d ago

@ 360consolewinner
You do know that Bayonetta and Ninja Gaiden games are on other systems.

DaTruth3489d ago

Bubbles!!! I only came in here in hopes that someone had the source picture in hi-res! Yours is good too though!

If anyone knows where there's a high res pic, please post or PM!

Danteh3489d ago


Try GOW III in Chaos mode. Do it and come back here humiliated, lol

Personally I even think that GOWII on Titan mode (very hard) was more insane that Ninja Gaiden in its highest difficulty.

3489d ago
raztad3489d ago

I'm not falling for NowGamer RETARDED trap.

NoWgamer Heavenly Sword review:

Final Verdict

Heavenly Sword is an experience worth having, but not for £40. If this game was longer than six hours, we’d give it a much better score, but the length of it isn’t quite redeemed by the great story and mediocre gameplay. 6.5/10

HS is a great game but GoW3 is mindblowing. Nowgamer is full of sh!t and its reviews prove it.

Tapewurm3489d ago

Screen tearing? Heavenly Sword is an amazing game right in league with God of War III and it was released years before. Both games are very good, one just had a following and one was a new IP that cameout at a lowpoint in the PS3's history....they need to make a sequal to Heavenly Sword and keep that amazing franchise going.... God of War is amazing game as well, but Heavenly Sword deserves way more credit than it recieved.

Lifendz3489d ago

is whether it stays in my library after I beat it. Certain games you beat and you have no qualms selling them off to get money for more games.

My collection got up to 30 games recently and I sold some off to get money for games. I picked up Heavenly Sword, looked at the box art, and quickly put it back.

Yeah it's a launch PS3 game and it shows how little devs knew of the system back then but the story alone makes it a keeper. God I hope Sony decides to make a part 2.

Better yet, how about give the game to Sony Santa Monica. Use the GOW3 engine to make the next Heavenly Sword. Maybe put out a trophy patch prior to get people to go back and play the first one.

cwir3489d ago

HS is not better than GOW3. But you know what would be better?

If Kratos would bang Nariko and they had a lil' Kratiko. That kid would kick asses. And only on Playstation :)

raztad3489d ago


Well considering Ninja Theory is a multiplat developer now, it wouldnt surprise me Sony Santa Monica is in charge of HS2. I dont think all the effort put in GoW3 engine is going to waste.

If you think about it. Kratiko may be in production right now. A blend of GoW and HS combat mechanics with all the TITANIC scale of GoW3 is something to behold.

BYE3489d ago

You can't really compare them. Both are amazing titles but for different reasons.

Kratos = God of War
Nariko = Goddess of War

Sharpshell3489d ago

They look liek they are similar style of games, but actually they really arn't. I personally loved Heavenly Sword, and want to go on record of saying its much harder then GOW3... its really too bad it doesn't have trophies it would be perfect because the game may be short but it it has a lot of reply value.

Personally, the fighting system in HS>GOW3. However when you consider, puzzles (which sucked in HS) and graphics and story arc, and all the different abilities Kratos has, GOW3 wins.

The thing thats makes hte games so different and what I still love about HS (as anyone who has actually played it can tell you) is the fighting system. Like it or not, mashing buttons will get you through GOW every time, not true in HS, its like they took a fighter and but it into a hack and slash and it's awesome, and difficult, and beautiful, and I am really sad that reviewers didn't appreciate it when it came out. I wish Ninja theory was still a PS3 only company, too bad they got screwed over HS

shadow27973489d ago

The author should finish both games before writing a stupid article like this. He even admits he's still in Hades (which is only 2 hours into the game).

AND he has the nerve to say God of War III doesn't have good pacing? Really? God of War III has some of the best pacing I've ever experienced in a game. I had a hard time putting it down late at night because I wanted to see what happened next.

I love Heavenly Sword. Massacring that massive army is such a great videogame moment. But this article is ridiculous. The guy isn't even halfway through God of War III and he's passing judgment on it. If he wants to complete both games and then compare them constructively, that's fine. But in it's current state, this "article" is a waste of screen space.

3489d ago
raztad3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )


You got to be playing GoW3 on easy. Play it on Titan and you will see how far button mashing will get you.


SOME MOFO is spoiling Alan Wake above.

FFXI1013489d ago

@Mitchell Let's not forget you can use the sixaxis to control the cannon ball and arrow(I love it)

@Microsoft Xbox 360 That's a nice photo, thanks!

BigPenguin3489d ago


GG Roger Wilco. I still wish they would make 7, they made a that trailer for it, then never did anything more. It makes me sad, because I still consider space quest one of the best series ever. I replayed 5 and 6 last year, and they are still awesome(cannot find any 1-4 that will actually run on my comp).

N4Flamers3489d ago

I personally liked GOW3 over HS. I dont usually button mash through games but I liked the combat system in GOW3 more, I am one of thos press L1 + X to change weapons type of people. This was actually the first GOW game where I used the other weapons as much as the BO(insert name here)

The pacing in the game kept me playing, jaw dropping moment after moment with small breathers sprinkled in the chaos of some tough fights (on titan.) I went through on normal but had to readjust my strategy for the other difficulty.

The last thing is after I beat heavenly sword I didnt feel like playing it anymore, but I've played GOW3 even after I got my platinum.

It's my opinion but I like it more, I didnt care for the goofy nature of the villains in heavenly sword either, I kind of felt like I was watching a movie on the syfy network or something.

Sharpshell3489d ago

Thats a good point, I'm not tlaking about Titan (although I am not palying it on eazy either) but for me, normal vs. normal, HS was ALOT harder, and all around a different kind type of game play where you block or use different abilities based on what type of guy your facing. GOW3 is is more about timing, and using large area effect versus single area attacks, which can be very hard on titan or even in normal when u face a series of larger enemies with no health chests, but i find that its attack and dodge, don't bother blocking, ever. I really commend 3 for actually making the different weapons usable in different battles. In 1 Blades of Chaos are really your on decent choice, ever. But I stand by the fact that even on normal your average gamer can get through the game by pressing square and triangle in a haphazard manner, as long as he dodges when needed. Blocking is useless in GOW IMO, I have never used it.

@Big penguin

bubbles for you friend, I love space quest, was basically the first game I ever played. Honestly no modern game is as challenging or as humorous as Space Quest (although Zack and Wiki was like space quest lite at times, and a gem of a game worth trying if you like SQ). Honestly is BS that 7 didn't get made because Seirra got the rug pulled out from under them. If you want to play 1-4 you need to download Dos Box, its a program that allows you to basically turn your pc into an old Dos machine and really turn down the specs so that they are runnable. Its a bit of a pain to figure out but well worth it, 4 might be my favorite.

DaTruth3488d ago

HS was almost a completely different game the second time through... When I actually knew what I was doing!

I like the idea of the style rating and the fact that I realized that I really did deserve the low style rating I was getting the first time through!

KeenanTheSavage3488d ago

exactly what I was thinking.

N4Flamers3488d ago

The fact that you dont block might be why those difficulties are so demanding for you. I'm not trying to judge the way you play but if you face hades on titan blocking becomes essential to your survival. You can block most of his attacks and remain in his face instead of rolling around the room and getting taken out of the fight. It's just good strategy. There are other times when you have 7 people attack you and blocking can save your life there too.

I actually found heavenly sword to be more of a button masher, I mean you can attack with one button and hold a different one but still attack with the same button. I did enjoy the game though. The hanging scene was my fave, mostly because I thought "I'm not going to let that goofy MotherF__er get away with that."

Sharpshell3488d ago

I haven't played the game on titan yet, so I can't say, but I think you need to reread my post if you think I'm suggesting I had difficulty with GOW. I am kind of implying the opposite, and that I found HS more difficult on normal difficulty, and its the game in which I did use the block feature. So I'm not really sure what to say to you on this one

As for HS being a button masher, I suppose you could look at that way, and in fact its quite accurate. However I don't see it as a bad thing, I find it require higher mental strategy, albeit with less precision requirements, like I said before GOW is about timing for which i find dodging quite successful thank you very much.

N4Flamers3487d ago

I played them both on normal and I thought they were about the same, I dont ever try to button mash through games (thanks to NG on xbox,) but I can say with certainty that when you put GOW3 on titan it forces you to use more strategy.

I mean on normal GOW is just an attack game, and you can basicaly use SQUARE the whole time.

GOW on tittan goes from attack with SQUARE to use the bow to weaken attack, grab, use a battering ram, block or roll for your life.

I wasnt trying to insult you, just offering a different strategy you might want to consider. Sometimes you get caught at the end of a roll animation when there are a ton of enemies.

Sharpshell3487d ago

that definitely true, sometimes rolling just make things go from bad to worse, but I feel like whenever I try to block I just get hit from behind. I think its becuase I'm try too hard and not doing playing on instinct. I will have to play the game on titan and see how it goes.

Back on the original topic, I think we have fairly well proven just how different the combat mechanics are in both games to even allow for this kind of discussion. "journalists" need to stop comparing games based on how they look. HS looks alot like GOW, but isn't really a clone.

Remember when everyone compared Uncharted to Tomb Raider, it wasn't until [email protected] that people made the obvious connection with GeOW, and original RFOM was compared to GeOW, and Killzone compared to Halo (when if you think about it Resistance is the PlayStation's closest thing to Halo and Killzone is more comparable to MW)... the list goes on an on, compare games based on how they play not how they look.

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callahan093491d ago

I think that some of his criticisms of God of War 3 are unfair, harsh, and a bit short-sighted and inconsiderate of reasonable expectations. It's an absolutely fantastic game. That said, I do agree with most of what he has to say about Heavenly Sword and even how it compares to God of War 3. Both are among the best of the generation as far as action games of this kind go. Heavenly Sword deserves massive respect and it was one of the most unfairly treated games when it came out, it's just so under-rated, and I think it's under-rated even by today's standards, much less by middle-2007 standards when the generation had barely even picked up pace yet. I sometimes look back at those reviews and find it utterly unbelievable how hard a lot of the critics were on that wonderful game.

mastiffchild3489d ago

Indeed, Callahan, indeed. I sometimes wonder if some peopl;e expected too much too soon from PS3 exclusives and anything that didn't live right up to their unreasonable expectations got over criticised. HS just fitted right into that area in my eyes and NEVER has a game been so brutalised for being short! No, it isn't a massive game but there's plenty as short or shorter that didn't raise a single eyebrow while NBS and NT could NOT catch a single break with what is, looking at it now, STILL a very god looking and sleek game.

DigitalAnalog3491d ago

The animations and frame-rate could do better but I love the voice-acting (and damn the lip-syncing). It was short but HEY, it was one of those games in the early PS3 days that should graphical and technical prowess!

-End statement

morganfell3489d ago

It was not nearly as short as some reviews made it out to be. No two games on the PS3 were attacked more than HS and Uncharted. It was almost as if certain people had mounted a campaign against HS because they were scared of the skill, care, artistry, and finesse that went into that game.

Gamehead363489d ago

Come on now heavenly sword was a short ass game you can't get around that. 7 hours for me. With that being said, aside from the god of war series and mgs 3 and 4, more epicness was packed into that game than any other. If you are a fan of hack n slashes and art, you are doing yourself a disservice by not buying this game.

GOW3 is easily the most epic, beautiful game ever made imo however and how it only has a 93 on metacritic is beyond me. I know I sound crazy when I say "only 93" but this is one of the best, most epic games ever made. Not many games can compete with it.

Heavenly sword holds its own though and I would do ANYTHING for a sequel or (preferably prequel). ANYTHING. Sony Santa Monica please.

morganfell3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Sorry but I can't buy into that theory. Yes I used the 'T' word. I personally know over ten people that played the game to completion (don't know anyone that bought that did not) and none of them pulled it in 7 hours. Of course none of them went the easy route either...

And no I didn't disagree.

Gamehead363489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

10 people? Who am I to call you a liar though but I agree with the public perception on this one...the game is short...which is something I rarely do. For example the people complaining GOW3 is short need to die now. I played it on titan and it took me 14 hours. That's great for a single player game. Some people just want to bring the success of a game down I guess. That's sad. Or maybe they flew through it on easy.

I played Heavenly Sword on normal at first I think...if I remember correctly you had to unlock hard I right? I also remember hard mode wasn't any noticeably harder.

But I'm surprised though as it took me no more than 8 hours to beat the game. I am a beast at hack and slash games though. Anyways I was happy with my purchase though as the game rivals GOW3's boss battles. The boss battles were seriously epic in that!t I'm bout to buy the game again!! Sadly I traded it "trading games in days" are over now though.

morganfell3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

No, not a liar. I am fairly immersed in the gaming community and friends and I sometimes play titles to see how someone designed something but mostly for the pure experience. It isn't some passing fancy either but something that is genuinely woven into our jobs and life. Almost every person with whom I work, with the exception of two, has a significant other that is a gamer as well. I do not as a rule trade titles although there have been 3 that went back the same day they were purchased.

Yes you had to unlock the hard mode and some of the difficulty did elevate, especially Flying Fox who was noticeably harder than Bohan.

MorganX3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Agreed. The Acting was Hollywood quality. And Why not? Anna Torv played Nariko. Anna Torv is now the star of Fox's FRINGE series.

The character development and writing was in a class by itself as well. The writing and acting of Kai was superb as well. I actually found the story more interesting but that's personal taste.

Technically, GoW III is better. And it should be, look at the development cycle. Everything else, I prefer Heavenly Sword. If there is a ever a game that deserved a re-write no that developers know how to squeeze more graphic greatness out of the PS3, it's Heavenly Sword.

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The Iron Sheik3491d ago

Heavenly Sword was very underrated. The one big drawback of the game is that it was just too short. I'd love to see Santa Monica do a HS sequel since Ninja Theory seem to have moved on from the game.

Frulond3490d ago

well... sadly... I think HS has way better story telling than GoW3... GoW3 ended for me forcing the story too hard and loosing it's epicness the epicness GoW1 & 2 had.

I just wish they had use Jaffe's script instead... I will not go into detail to avoid spoiling certain parts of the game but damn... I expected a lot more... maybe I had very high expectations about it.

graphically it's amazing and sound its ok... but the story lies among CoO... which I consider to be the worst GoW tho... all of them are must play titles

NateNater3489d ago

The ending they used in GoW3 wasn't the original one. They had to cut the original one out due to time limitations. Hopefully Sony will release it as DLC like they said they might.

El_Colombiano3489d ago

What!? I need a link confirming that!

Gamehead363489d ago

I thought the story of GOW3 was great. I would love to see the original ending though. I wonder what Jaffe's script was too.

What columbiano please!!!

brolik863489d ago

Dude...THANK YOU!!! you just made my day. I know we are tchnically talking in the realm of 'hear-say' but just knowing that maybe just MAYBE one of these days I will read that GOW3 is dropping a DLC with another titan level or two in it for us to play is godly...much appreciated ^_^

NateNater3489d ago

No problem man. + Bubbles just for the nice response :)

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